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    Why not find another same 12 and build a sealed box? Or buy 2 12 of some other type with a sealed box? After all your not chasing the low
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    Ported box for a single 8 takes as much space as a sealed 12 when done well and has inferior output across the board. People rave about 8's to be "different" or to show that you can build something with lots of little drivers. Cone area is generally your best friend in getting real bass output. Everything else is easier with more cone. Assuming your are limited to 5.5" of depth you are restricted to drivers with not a lot of throw and then cone area is even more important.
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    You've got some serious skills man! Great pics!
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    Love the pictures man and the ladies
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    That was a rig shot with remote control shutter release and two exposures. One exposure with hood open and another will hood closed. The car moved slowly during 1.6 second exposures to show motion. I edited the exposures in PS CC by stacking the hood closed image on top of the hood open image. Then I used a brush tool to paint black over the top image to expose the bottom image. Super easy. My editing skills needs work, practice makes perfect!
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    Awesome Videos. Wish I had time to work on my project.