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    Was the first concrete I ever poured. The stand is made from 2x4's I cut up.
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    Woohoo @porkchop !!!!!!!!
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    Looking good Homie!! A pleasure to see you around.
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    Well..... There is quite a lot to add if I were to update this old build log. I promise this has been a roller coaster ride of epic proportions. I find myself missing the old days of the forums. I will challenge myself to drop in a little more often here. Chop
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    Jared I'm jealous. Sean I'm impressed as well. Looks great. Can't believe it was a first try!
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    Whether we bomb someone or not isn't politics
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    I thought we had a rule about no politics or religion in the 'hop?
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    Btw, J. Here is the water closet on my main floor. Thought you'd get a kick out of it.
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    I am definitely ready to be done and back to speaker building. lol Got these little cuties in the mail yesterday!!
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    Enclosure designed and built by a local builder. 3.81 @ 31hz before sub 3.6 @ 32 hz after sub (15" SP4)