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    2013 Chevy polished up real nice!
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    I suck at pictures when I get busy.
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    As it goes SSA brings out another speaker and my wife bought me some. She does not realize my audio addiction, but I do have a corner in the garage with lots of goodies. This time around I am going to be running the new Demon sub, 4 to be exact in a sealed box 26"x38"x10.5" for a total after all displacments 4.10 cubes. These will be powered with the SSA IC2200.1 running @ .5 ohm, never have too much power. Here is the line up with an OG Dcon.
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    So I ended up ordering some drivers after talking to an old friend who owned a shop many years ago. I went with SWS 12s from Earthquake. Hopefully I can get an enclosure fabbed up next weekend and give them a thrashing, but pics will have to suffice for now. Here they are next to the Evil mids. identical mounting depths. And next to an OG Gcon12
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    Box build has begun.
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    I finally had time to fix some things I was not happy with in the paint. Wheels and brake calipers are next.
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    Finally acquired all part for the Nissan lift!! Stating on the rear hopefull in the next couple dayz! Going to need to break out a bigger table to photo the front end parts. lol
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    The people in any job who have been just hanging around and barely skating by will always react in a negative manner when someone competent comes in. If they can drag you down and affect your ability then their lackings become less readily apparent. Stay the course. Continue to excel, and they'll be given two choices: pick up their laces or vacate for new competent workers. That ball is in their court, it's not your fault if they drop it. All that being said, congrats on the success, I'm sure you'll pull through and shine.
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    I started some spring cleaning today and noticed the mids on my old Baby Advent IIs had blown out the surrounds, so I figured I'd throw the Evil 6.5s in their place and have some fun. Now, these are in a simple bass reflex at 9.1L. There's a simple 1st order crossover running up to 6K, so the woofer is wide open down low and starts rolling 6dB at 6K. It's a really simple design. These are being powered by an old Pioneer Elite receiver rated at 40WPC at 6 ohms. Standing DCR on them was 7.12, so we're in business. Now, I didn't expect much as this was just a WTF experiment. I fired them up and was immediately blown away with the midrange. It's generic, but damn, I've not had a driver with midrange detail like this aside from the Revelators. Now, IIRC, I paid $150-$180 PER DRIVER for those 15 or so years ago. Obviously the Evil 6.5 is not in that league money-wise, but my ears don't distinguish price, just sound. The midrange is phenomenal. I believe these are marketed as midbass drivers. IMO, that's misleading. I had some trouble with these down low even in these small enclosures. The drivers reached their mechanical limits at 20 watts right around 58 Hz. I cut the EQ from that point on and they shined on and took all 40 watts without issue. This may be a problem for some, but this is right about where I have subs taking over. This driver is seeming to be the perfect fit for me. I have decided to vent them in-car, so this little tests just confirms what I've suspected. I'll gain even more cone control with the vented enclosure, so I don't see the mechanical limitations being relevant at all. They'll be safely crossed above that point any ways. But just note, if you're running these in a door without the benefit of the vent or crossover, don't get crazy! Another thing to note is the efficiency. I had trouble with the volume control on the Pioneer. The mylar tweeters in the Advents are known for their efficiency, and the Evil 6.5s hung right in there with them. There was really no need to run more than 20 watts here. I realize the automotive environment is a different beast, but these things are loud, EASILY! Off-axis response came with negligible difference to my ears, but those phase caps really liven up the experience on-axis. It's like frosting on a brownie! Just lovely! I'm going to play with these some more in the Advent enclosures, but I can't wait to get them in the truck! I'll leave this with a couple simple pics. Here's one of the bad woofers. Time for a change. And here they are with the Evils.
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    Also going to start building a sealed box for 4 12" demons. All cutting will be outside of course.
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    Bought a snowboard today. Going to make my old one feel like an antique. Proud of myself in that I didn't by an expert level board....although I wanted to. Bought something playful so I can ride around with the kids. SHOCKED at the difference in feel even just strapped to my feet in the house. Compare to a rope holding a sorel to a board the new shit is tight. Rossignol Jibsaw 162w & Union Strata bindings.
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    Well the wife decided to surprise me and bought me two with Aaron's help, so I ordered two more so this build is going to happen! 4 12" Demons sealed on the SSA IC2200.1!
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    On the other hand got my boss to come through with a sweet work bonus!!
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    Butters kissing company is one of favorites. Rarely watch it anymore but I love that episode.
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    Very nice drivers !!! Why are you going sealed ??
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    Okay, I have to make a trip to PA when I get the new truck. That picture made me feel things...
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    The guy who hired me is quitting. He is just starting his second competition for fitness phisique so I think he is going down that path.... Anyway, job opening! Woohoo! Guess who has 2 thumbs and emailed the VP immediately? ... the VP who called me to offer me the department I have now after 8 days and an industry reps "good word". I just hope I went agressive enougn. "Before I tell you why I'm perfect for th manager position, let me thank you...." I also dropped that I added $600 in juice to a $1100 sale and trained the team here my technique. Wish me luck you beautiful bastards!
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    So I think Aaron will relate... I was playing company softball tonight and got intentionally walked. There was some baseball reason for it, though the next 2 guys after me played college ball (I didn't make the freshman high school ball team) so it was questionable at best. The next at bat at the pitcher was haphazardly throwing the ball to ensure he didn't throw a strike. I fouled off ball 4, so he through the next one in the dirt. I hit it off the bounce. It was an illegal pitch so it should have been a walk but the umpire called me out because it hit the pitcher (fortunate accident). Don't get me wrong, we were killing the other team and I was going to take a good swing, but i hadn't hit a ball that didn't touch the infield that night. I don't get to take a lot of time to play sports, due to my family, so to get non-quality at bats in an offense game sucks. I've also played on much worse teams.... I've pitched for much worse teams and I never never never pitched completely around someone, unless it made baseball sense. It sucks that we come out to have fun and someone does that. Oddly enough our league only allows 3 home runs and only a guy who had never hit a home run hit one tonight. end rant thanks for listening.
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    No, it will go on my stack of subs in the garage.
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    Ah crap, no pressure there.
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    What? https://www.thepunctuationguide.com/
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    Other funn of the week! Not to bad for a $350 tattoo.
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    This little girl being one of them!!
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    Got this decal up on the wall also! ATM for size. LOL HAve all five of the patents from the 1890's on tattoo machines framed and hung up also. Forgot to grab a pic though.