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    2013 Chevy polished up real nice!
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    Time for a website update. Fully mobile friendly, top notch product photos and a smoother layout. Introducing the all new www.SSAudio.com http://www.SSAudio.com #ArriveLoud
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    Played in the goal last night. Had a respectable game for not playing a full game in goal in close to 30 years.
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    I suck at pictures when I get busy.
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    As it goes SSA brings out another speaker and my wife bought me some. She does not realize my audio addiction, but I do have a corner in the garage with lots of goodies. This time around I am going to be running the new Demon sub, 4 to be exact in a sealed box 26"x38"x10.5" for a total after all displacments 4.10 cubes. These will be powered with the SSA IC2200.1 running @ .5 ohm, never have too much power. Here is the line up with an OG Dcon.
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    So I ended up ordering some drivers after talking to an old friend who owned a shop many years ago. I went with SWS 12s from Earthquake. Hopefully I can get an enclosure fabbed up next weekend and give them a thrashing, but pics will have to suffice for now. Here they are next to the Evil mids. identical mounting depths. And next to an OG Gcon12
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    Sean I bent your metal today while I was at the shop this morning.I still have to space the holes for the dummy lights I can do that at home.I bent these on a 8' brake lol.I went ahead a made you 2 of them so you can choose the one you like best.These are hand made so might no be as good as a computer plasma type deal but hopefully these will work for what you need it for.The 8'foot brake was about a bit to much to bend these little brackets lol..I put some 1/4 hems on them turned to the inside so the brackets would not have sharp edges and would add strength.I will get those holes layed out for you,be thinking if you may want to try out a different lay out for those dummy lights on that extra one I bent you or something just incase that first idea don't work out.
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    Looks like I could pull off a 2x150+
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    1 more week than back at home:
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    Now that I have the Brutal Sounds 2K installed, went back to fully 2 way Active. This system is not far from being done !!!
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    Box build has begun.
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    I finally had time to fix some things I was not happy with in the paint. Wheels and brake calipers are next.
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    So the issue with the midbass is pretty much solved. see this thread: I'm planning to start the A pillar pods this weekend. But first I made a small upgrade to the amps. Polk must be clearing old stock because you can grab the PAD2000.2's for $50 each (these are the same as the PPI 600.2). Great $/watt. I'm running one to each midbass. These replaced some very old Kicker 250.2's I bought 10 years ago. I was planning to grab a second nvx 4 channel to clean up the install a bit but this was such a great deal. I considered grabbing another to replace the subwoofer amp. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07HNRLCXC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 some before and after pics. apologize for the wiring disaster.
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    Pretty sure you graduated from the school of witchcraft, wizardry, and paint correction.
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    Pics for Ryan. 2011 Mustang with 82k miles. The paint was very rough and full of stone chips, but the fellow was super happy he finally got a car. This paint correction was a personal challenge of my skills. The front bumper was shit. Someone hit something and did a shitty job covering it up. I did this as a favor for the fellow and I will never do another car this rough again. Full 10 hours of correction!
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    The 1% is solidly true.
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    Thanks you, brochachochip. Everything kind of sucks but he has had a charmed life that he let everyone ride along. I'm glad I have this afternoon before we go in tonight... It is a lot like caring for a senior and a child all at once, right now honestly. It's hard but kind of helpful. I can say this with no problem. Nothing has put me in my place and bettered my life like having this dog. It reminds me that #1) Something cares about me. It's advantageous sometimes. #2) I have a goal to live up to about 1% of the good guy my dog thinks I am.
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    I HIGHLY recommend the SSA Bassshades! They're miraculous!
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    The people in any job who have been just hanging around and barely skating by will always react in a negative manner when someone competent comes in. If they can drag you down and affect your ability then their lackings become less readily apparent. Stay the course. Continue to excel, and they'll be given two choices: pick up their laces or vacate for new competent workers. That ball is in their court, it's not your fault if they drop it. All that being said, congrats on the success, I'm sure you'll pull through and shine.
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    I started some spring cleaning today and noticed the mids on my old Baby Advent IIs had blown out the surrounds, so I figured I'd throw the Evil 6.5s in their place and have some fun. Now, these are in a simple bass reflex at 9.1L. There's a simple 1st order crossover running up to 6K, so the woofer is wide open down low and starts rolling 6dB at 6K. It's a really simple design. These are being powered by an old Pioneer Elite receiver rated at 40WPC at 6 ohms. Standing DCR on them was 7.12, so we're in business. Now, I didn't expect much as this was just a WTF experiment. I fired them up and was immediately blown away with the midrange. It's generic, but damn, I've not had a driver with midrange detail like this aside from the Revelators. Now, IIRC, I paid $150-$180 PER DRIVER for those 15 or so years ago. Obviously the Evil 6.5 is not in that league money-wise, but my ears don't distinguish price, just sound. The midrange is phenomenal. I believe these are marketed as midbass drivers. IMO, that's misleading. I had some trouble with these down low even in these small enclosures. The drivers reached their mechanical limits at 20 watts right around 58 Hz. I cut the EQ from that point on and they shined on and took all 40 watts without issue. This may be a problem for some, but this is right about where I have subs taking over. This driver is seeming to be the perfect fit for me. I have decided to vent them in-car, so this little tests just confirms what I've suspected. I'll gain even more cone control with the vented enclosure, so I don't see the mechanical limitations being relevant at all. They'll be safely crossed above that point any ways. But just note, if you're running these in a door without the benefit of the vent or crossover, don't get crazy! Another thing to note is the efficiency. I had trouble with the volume control on the Pioneer. The mylar tweeters in the Advents are known for their efficiency, and the Evil 6.5s hung right in there with them. There was really no need to run more than 20 watts here. I realize the automotive environment is a different beast, but these things are loud, EASILY! Off-axis response came with negligible difference to my ears, but those phase caps really liven up the experience on-axis. It's like frosting on a brownie! Just lovely! I'm going to play with these some more in the Advent enclosures, but I can't wait to get them in the truck! I'll leave this with a couple simple pics. Here's one of the bad woofers. Time for a change. And here they are with the Evils.
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    Also going to start building a sealed box for 4 12" demons. All cutting will be outside of course.