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    Everything worked out great! The work got done and I was out a $100 deductible. The wife loves her Momster Machine. It goes the RV well and gets good gas mileage for something with a 3.73 rear end. Overall, there are still a few other quirks but even with the change in the market it’s still very hard to find a car like ours for close to the same price.
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    Still breaking in but not bad for a single 15" out of the trunk.
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    Hope everyone is doing well. Was reminiscing on this forum this morning. Been a part of it a long time and was shaped a lot from it. Without Sean's input I've finally succumbed to the dark side (Apple) Apple phone, watch, headphones and macbook Air :). I moved on from engineering to IT at a bank (USAA). Loved the work and hated the management to I moved to something where I don't love the work, but I do love the management. Lost my Dad a couple weeks ago. Feels weird being 35 yrs old and having lost my Mom and Dad already. However, my dad was similar, lost his dad at 3 months and his mom at 35 years. Hope everyone is doing well here! Miss jumping on this forum everyday to see the shenanigans. It's still the first bookmark on all my Chrome windows.
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    I have been put in charge of building a reliability team for the Absorbent Hygiene division of FQ.
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    Spent the week at Sensible portions setting up a TPM structure. I think I know what I want to focus on in my next work life. The training will continue! https://www.sensibleportions.com/
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    Been awhile since Ive been on here but I Just purchased back my 2x 15" SSA Icon subs I first purchased around 11 years ago. I have/ had them in a 7.2 cubic foot box net tuned to 32 and it sounded great on the bass music and rap/ hip hop I used to listen to but not amazingly accurate/ punchy on rock, etc. Im looking to only use one of them in my 2010 Ram 1500. I currently have a 10" JL W7 in a sealed box in the truck and it sounds great and I love it but doesn't quite have the output Id like and planning to put 1 of the Icons in the truck. Im considering either Ported or sealed. I now listen to mainly bands like chainsmokers, club music, alt rock, heavy rock, and a bit of edm, etc. Looking for it to be very accurate on kick drums but also hit hard so you feel it in your chest. According to SSA optimal ported is around 3.5-4 net tuned to around 32hz but Im thinking about tuning a bit higher. Ive done some winisd modelling but its been a long time and just wanting to hear thoughts on these designs. My max dimensions are 20" wide, 24" deep by 22" high. This is one design i'm considering, is 2.25" wide too thin for port width? im worried about port velocity and noise \ Or if I go sealed this is what im thinking. Thanks again for any help
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    I believe I replied to your email earlier on. But in terms of the box, if you feel you are not having the proper space to port it, option for sealed and build a nice and sturdy enclosure.
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    Now it sounds like I want. It plays all the notes, and is still impressive on rap songs ! i tried “Put on” from Yung Jeezy and it was powerful and played every notes, even the lower ones. I am very happy with the results.
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    They couldn’t read the informations from the car computer. I think I have the wrong harness. Now everything is playing again after a few months… Today we are cutting the port off the box and making it sealed. I’ll post some pictures later.
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    It's been 14 years bro, OP isn't going to respond.
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    I hope everyone is having a good start to their summer.
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    @///M5 Let’s build one.
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