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Found 29 results

  1. DedicatedEnthusiast

    B2 Audio X2C

    B2 Audio X2C 15 $650 shipped! Contact at 440-915-2309 for further questions/concerns.
  2. DedicatedEnthusiast

    Sundown X v.2

    Dual 2 Ohm Sundown X v.2 built by Dave Leib $250 shipped! Contact at 440-915-2309 for further questions/concerns.
  3. DedicatedEnthusiast

    Sundown X v.2 12's built by Dave Leib

    Hello everyone, long time no see. I am selling a pair of Dual 2-ohm (technically D1.7) 12" Sundown X v.2's built by Dave Leib a.k.a "Strongman Designs." Reason I am selling them is because I realized upon testing to see if my digital multi-meter was working correctly that one of the coils is reading higher on the one sub indicating that too much heat had been applied to it recently so rather than risking any further damage to it I am going to assume that I have too much power for these. Having said this in all honesty, let me make it perfectly clear here that both subs are still in perfect working order as we speak, even the one that is reading differently. Had I not thrown my multi-meter on it to test it in order to see if it was working properly (the multi-meter itself) I would have never known there was any difference or discrepancy between the two. However, because one of them is reading off now and I do not know what is to be expected out of it's performance long-term I will be letting these go for $500+ shipping (that includes both). Any further questions or concerns please feel free to text me at 440-915-2309 Phil
  4. Crescendo BC3500D is approximately six months old, has never been exposed to low voltage and has no scratches, dings or dents whatsoever. Does 3,875 watts RMS at 13.8v Xs power XP3000 battery is sitting at over 12.7v after being out of my car for several weeks now and is rated to support 3,000 watts rms power 2/0 welding wire is rated to support over 400 continuous amps of current and has already been heat-shrinked and fused for both positive and negative runs from front to back plus the big three upgrade and an additional trunk ground if you so wish to use it WIRE CAN BE HAD FOR $120 SHIPPED FORGOT TO PUT PRICE AMONG OTHER INFO ON SALES SHEET
  5. 80INCHES

    (...80INCHES IS BACK...)

  6. Godsmack

    Various car audio for sale

    - 27 Raptor 1/0 AWG Ring Terminals $20 - Install Edge 5 pack remote wires [IEC P 3x5-6] 6 feet $15 - 2 packs Install Edge 6.6 ft RCA cables [IRC GAC2] $7 each or $10 for both - 8 4 way Knu Konceptz 1/0AWG in 4 8AWG out $8 each or all for $55 - 50ft 16AWG speaker cable spool $5 - Install Edge Remote wire [IEC P18 X5-6] 18AWG $5 - Knu Konceptz kolossus Flex 1/0 AWG Red power cable 44 ft $125; 8ft $25; 10.5ft $35 (all for 175) - 13 ft Q power 1/0 AWG Super Flex on spool $25; 15ft on spool $30 - Approx 400 ft 16AWG Q power speaker wire on spool $40 - Stinger 150 amp circuit breaker $25 - 6 Install Edge Speaker Savers [IEC CAP 133] $6 per pack or all 6 pairs for $30 - 2 2packs Rockford Fosgate 8AWG Ring Terminals $5 each or both for $7.50 - 2 Rockford Fosgate Side mount battery terminals $9 each or both for $15 - Rockford Fosgate 2 output top mount battery terminal $10 - Rockford Fosgate RCA coupler $5 - Rockford Fosgate 10 AWG Amp kit (no RCA wires) 17 ft $30 - Rockford Fosgate pack of 2 100amp MAXI fuses $10 - Knu Konceptz Negative top mount terminal $10 - Metra Honda Harness [BB-WHHDI] $10 - Metra Inpala/Monte Carlo [XSVI-2105] $35 - Metra GM 88-05 22 pin harness [70-1858] $5 - Pair of Dynex square box terminal cups $2 - Dynex OEM Ford Radio removal tools $8 - Stinger Blue HPM voltage meter [SVMB] $15 - Tsunami Marine ANL fused distro, 1/0 AWG IN, 2 1/0AWG out $20 - Generic ANL fuse holder, no cover $5 - Mini RCA stereo Y cable $2 - 14ft Raptor RCA cable $10 - 16 ft Monster RCA cable $20 - Stinger 1/0 AWG ring terminal $4 - 2 2male 1female RCA adapter $5 each or both for $7.50 - 1 RCA to RCA dual male wire 9" $2 - 2 Street wires RCA cables in bags 19.69 ft [ZN1260] $7.50 each or both for $10 - ANL fuses, 2 200amp, 4 250 amp, 2 300 amp, 4 100 amp, 2 500 amp. 500 amp are $5 per pair others are $3 per pair, or all for $30 Total price when purchased individually: $761 Buy the whole lot: $650 Open to trades, Nikon FX lenses and other photography equipment are of special interest. Feel free to contact with questions. Thanks for looking!! - Viper 500.4, missing xo cover, and right mounting feet. $300 - MTX Road Thunder XO's for componants. $20 for the pair - Eclipse SC-8355/8365 XO's for componants $50 for the paid - Phoenix Gold Octane 4.0 2 amp. $150 - JL Audio 500/1. Missing some side screws. Not 100% on what the guts condition is, and last I remember looking it was fine. $125 - Digital Designs DD C1. $140 ORIGINAL RE XXX 12" to come, as well as more amps. I'd love to sell everything as a lot, and am willing to make deals. Only thing trade wise I would be after is Nikon FX lenses, but feel free to offer up. Pics are all on the link below.
  7. Alright guys, here is a single 18" EMF audio ermagerd Dual 1 (can be wired down to 0.5 ohm) that needs to be reconed. The recone will run you $200 so you can have a brand new 6,500 watt RMS sub for just $600 since I am offering this unit shipped anywhere in the U.S. for $400, NO TRADES. This thing was able to handle a b2 audio m1u at 0.5 ohms for literally hours at a time until I got greedy and started clipping it with the gain. It got louder and lower than any other dual sub set-up I have ever had or owned and I have run kicker, SSA and Fi car audio to name a few. It will take the power and handle the abuse as long as the signal and power you are feeding it is clean. Weighs in at just over 100lbs, features a super stupid silly insane HIGH-roll rubber surround and nearly 4" of peak-to-peak excursion with a true carbon-fiber dust cap and quad-stack magnet/motor. Any further questions or concerns please feel free to ask me. Phil
  8. Okay guys these are two Dual Two Ohm DVC 12'' SSA XCON's with custom carbon fiber caps for added strength less than six months old with literally less than a weeks worth of total play time. Reason i am selling them is because honestly they are far too damn loud for me to be used on the daily lmao. They get VERY loud and VERY low!!! Speakers alone can be had for $800 shipped to your door. Box was custom built to the exact optimal specs for both subs by Dave the Box Guy himself and can be had with speakers for $1,000 or alone on its own for $200 (a mere FRACTION of what i paid) but you must pay for shipping on it and it ain't gonna be cheap. Any additional questions or concerns please feel free to PM me. Also i do have a Crescendo BC3500D for sale on here in another thread currently just FYI:D
  9. I have always had a decent sound system set up in my vehicle and have been driving for 11 years mostly in the area of Cleveland, OH. We have a high population of white tail, as in many other areas in the Northeast region. Deer have become a nuisance to drivers, as a collision may cause serious damage to your vehicle and possible injury, or death. I always noticed that when I had the woofers turned up at night and exceeding 35 mph, white tail deer reaction to the stimulus of sound was not to fleed, but to remain still on the side of the roadway. I decided to do some research, and possibly try to determine the cause of low and high foreign sounds for a deer to react this way. Keep in mind this is a hobby, (I'm not just bored) as I am a Biology major at my University. White tail deer have a very keen sense hearing, with the ability to rotate their ears to pinpoint the location of sounds made in their environment, and possibly detect a threat to their survival. (Hunters should relate to this as sometimes they sound proof their equipment.) In 2008, research and studies done by Dr. Gino D'Angelo went against common thought that deer can hear much more extensively than humans. Of course we car audio enthusiasts know that audible sound waves are measured in hertz, or frequency. the human ear can hear frequencies from 20-20,000Hz. (boom) Our best and most sensitive range of hearing is in the 3000-5000Hz range as this is the range in which communication and conversations occur. Deer on the other hand, supposedly, can hear at best frequencies of 3000-8000Hz. So while true that deer hear optimally at a much higher frequency range than we do, their vocalizations generally are in the same range. Now there there has been a multi-milion dollar industry created revolving around a product to try and prevent deer collisions. Deer whistles, or deer alert systems, attach to the bumper of a vehicle and play a high pitched frequency around 20,000Hz when your vehicle exceeds 35mph. Manufacturers advertising for these such products claim that ultrasound, is created by these whistles as air passes through them. Keep in mind ultrasound is a cyclic sound pressure wave with a frequency much greater than the upper limit of human hearing ability. Now the general effectiveness of these whistles is inconclusive due to conflicting reports available. Ok. As we know a subwoofer creates lower end frequencies.(some have the ability to produce lower frequencies than others) A low frequency sound wave has a longer wavelength than higher frequencies, and travels farther than high frequencies, with a shorter wavelength property. These shorter wavelengths are more easily absorbed by the molecules in air, hence why they cannot travel as far as low frequency sound waves. My theory: I believe that the reason a deer will just react in this such way while I'm bumpin' by them with some chopped and screwed, (wildlife demo) is that deer can in fact make these low frequencies audible to them; and at the same time, these frequencies are more foreign than any noises heard throughout their endeavor to survive and have no familiarity with these sounds. (of that 32Hz tuned slot port) So they hear you coming down the road rockin' out.......( Deer: "Wtf?" ) then they hear some "tisk tisk tisk" as you're bad ass four channel is got those vocals screaming...maybe when they hear these higher frequencies they are more alert in their sensivities to these frequencies and to avoid miscommunication between them and their environment, they pause, as they clearly know you are a moving vehicle now. (Although they have smaller brain casings than us humans, I'm sure they learn and adapt when their best friend gets plowed by a 16-wheeler.) (gore everywhere) I have hit a deer once in my driving experience. It was around this time of the year and occurred at dusk. (the most collisions occur at this time simply to lack of vision and ability to brake accordingly) I in fact, did not have my stereo on at the moment and was not making any audible noises from my speakers. (except alternator whine lolz) j/k This study may be as simply put that deer do not like dubstep, therefore give you the gangsta stare down; or this may be more complex in the manner that deer can determine changes in the environment through the kinetic energy placed into the air, and the combination of high and low frequencies grabs their attention, not scaring them. Example: If deer are as they say they are, "color-blind", they may have evolved advanced hearing techniques under natural selection to compete successfully in their environment. Ex. weather detection from wind intensity, thunder, exc. or the ability to label and react to certain frequencies to you and your hunting equipment despite of that orange vest you're wearing. -"Deer Demos" by Greg Novicki Sources: http://www.mnbowhunt...er_hearing.html, 2008
  10. Welterc50

    4th order jeep wall

    OK, So I recently aquired a 1996 jeep grand cherokee and am in the planning phase of the project. I am looking at running a 3:1 ratio 4th order with either 4 15" or 18" drivers. The issue I am running into is that I am concerned that the box height will end up too low to mount the drivers on a flat baffle. With this being said I was wondering if anyone has toyed around with angled baffles. With this setup I was going to do a driver's side port and tune around 45-50hz. Would this be too much of a hassle and prove to be a nightmare, or should I try to use a more upward firing baffle to fit the 4 drivers (similar to watt's truck but larger and drivers stacked in a 2x2 config instead of 1x4). By my figures I should have roughly 27 cubes to play with as far as interior box volume. If anyone has any ideas im all ears (i like getting loud but like lows also). Planned power is in the 15-18k range, and since my last build ran 12k and only touched 54s, id like to get as close to 60s as I can. Not really new to box building, just having "writers block". Thanks, Chris
  11. Looking to upgrade my entry-level pioneer DEH-14UB Head Unit IF it will make a worthwhile difference in output or sound level mainly on my sub-stage going with a 4-6v pre-out upper-class pioneer, kenwood or alpine deck. Tell me what do you guys think? I already have the entry-level pioneer wired to a clarion MCD-360 crossover with 5v max output voltage so am I really going to notice a difference in the bass production from the subs or no?? All comments and opinions are appreciated thanks:)
  12. Chops 86' Cutlass from Team IAK 4 15" SSA Zcons 4 Crescendo 3500's DOING WORK !!! Be sure to sub for future Videos!! Flexing.... Just a little Shredding a PhoneBook
  13. 1999 Chevy S10 Running (2) Zv3-10's off of One NS-1 In IASCA Rookie Trunk/Truck I did a 147.6 Sealed off the windshield. (.3 DB down from the World Record) This was done with (1) battery XS D3400, (1) run of 1/0 Power wire, and Stock Alt. Also in IASCA I placed 3rd Overall in Flyweight with a 30sec. Average of 148 Which consisted of (2) batteries, and (2) runs of 1/0 Power I have recently dropped the power down to a saz2500 on the (2) Z's, soon to be a 2nd saz2500 and hopefully the new XS7500 WORLD FINALS 2012
  14. Go check out and subscribe to my youtube channel for bass, demos, and girls, and some off the wall stuff --->>> http://www.youtube.com/user/dmntyo2007?feature=mhee 150@30Hz trunk car doing dual Hairtrick!!! http://youtu.be/BefwVi6zn2A 16 sa12's on 8 saz1500's FLEXING!!!! http://youtu.be/W5qkylv76Aw Go check out my youtube and subsribe and give it a like ---->>> http://www.youtube.com/user/dmntyo2007?feature=guide
  15. Hank at my annual Halloween party giving the guests some demos. CRX infinate baffle with 2 24" Tantric subs on a CT Sounds 7K. Nice for him to also do some hairtrick selfies....lol
  16. Got the privilege to play with the RedStar Audio UFO4 60pound NEO BEAST!!
  17. disturbeddrummer254

    hard hitting bass/rap music

    What are some songs yall use for comp or rap songs that hit hard as hell? i have some stuff on spotify but im sure theres a ton.....
  18. tonyb121

    The Trunk !

    My trunk rattles so freakin hard and my backwindshield moves. And some of my songs that play i can hear the trunk rattleing over the bass but others i cant am i losing bass from the trunk??
  19. hairyunicorn

    6 SSA DCON 15's Walled/92 Chevy

    This is my truck with 6 SSA DCON 15's running on a crescendo BC3500
  20. Hey guys I have a Fi BL 15" fully loaded woofer on the way. I will be building my box very soon here. I'm going to be running a Sundown 1500 D amp to it. I will listen mostly to low HZ rap or bass songs. I am looking for 32 HZ. Few questions: - Can someone give me some measurements for a ported box that is meant specifically for a BL 15" with 1500 RMS going to it? - I have read that this sub woofer recommends a 3-5 cu ft box. Does leaning towards 5 cu ft box have any benefits in SPL? -Any internal box bracing necessary with 3/4 " MDF wood? - Any cotton material necessary inside the box? Thank you
  21. Hey may be a dumb question but does the power handling differ from the original specs with the xmax coil and the cooling package added to the sub??? its the n2
  22. Mrmechanic1579

    Fi X 12 subwoofer review

    I have had the chance to get a hold of a Fi x 12 subwoofer. i could not be happier with my purchase! i was running it on 400 watts but now im running it on 900 plus watts and it takes it like a champ! Heres a vid....
  23. Holds 4 10" speakers and 4 supertweeters. Also a slot for a half DIN EQ. It is wrapped in graphite vinyl now, but for some extra I can wrap it in whatever you would like if you need me to. It is not sealed in so it won't work for subs, but that can be fixed. It housed Eminence Delta mids and Selinium tweeters. Asking a mere $200 picked up. I will ship but your paying for it. Any questions don't hesitate to ask.
  24. hey i wassup i have a 2000 yukon SLT "profile pic is the truck" on 26's i wanted to do 6 SMD 15'' subs in a clamshell box tuned @ 30hz with 2-3 400a alts and 3 runs of 0 gauge wire with at least 8-12 D3100's from Xs Power batts and a ABVM from Mechman any idea's of what i should do in this bad boy i also though about doing 8-12 SA12s from Sundown audio i want to run at least 18-25krms clean power in this truck so any ideas for subs and amps that will help me achieve this goal?