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Which terminals?

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Going to finally bite the bullet and purchase a 5100r for my truck what terminals would be the right ones to add to my order?



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Kinda wondering the same thing.. I have a Kinetik battery currently and I just use 3/8 bolts to hold down my wires. Is this the same with XS or are you needing to use their adapter? Is the screw hole on the XS battery a 5/16 hole or a 3/8 hole????

I want to order a battery but afraid to do so right now without knowing the answer...

SSA has the group buy but once I add the terminal adapters I end up with another $15 in shipping which is outrageous....

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You can use part # 580 or 586. If there is a height clearance issue, then the 580 will work better, because they are shorter. Either will fit on the battery though, so it really depends on the install and application.

The battery comes with the hardware to hook up your ring terminals if that is what you are currently using, so the posts would not be needed if you are running ring terminals.

I would shoot Mark or Aaron (think Aaron is currently out of the office, so Mark may be better) about the shipping cost of the terminals when you order a battery. I would think it is just a flaw in the check out process. We will just put the terminals in the box with the battery, so there will be no added shipping cost for the terminals.

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