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When does deck distort?

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Hey guys! If nobody knows the answer to this question, then no big deal... smile.png

Ok, I have a Kenwood X-395 deck hooked up to a rockford prime 400-4 (via 4-chan RCA) and i was wondering if anyone has tested this deck on a DD-1 or o-scope and could tell me at what volume level it distorts. (By "it" i mean the deck itself, of course). By ear, i estimate it to be around 28 to 30 (the range is 0-35). I dont have access to either tool so i'll just stick with my ear if nobody knows, but if someone out there does know and could tell me that would be great! Thanks!

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If you adjust the gain on the amplifier then the volume point at which the deck "distorts" will change.

Though that's not to say that the deck doesn't induce distortion near it's max level either.

Simply put: use your ears--plain and simple. No need for gimmick tools.

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"If you adjust the gain on the amplifier then the volume point at which the deck "distorts" will change."

Do you mean the vol at which i hear it distort? I thought that all decks had a certain point at which the signal coming out of it (no matter what its hooked up to) was distorted? like, lets say, vol 29 is the point - if the vol is 29 or above, no matter where i put the gain on the amp, the sound will be distorted - i understand i may not be able to hear it at a low level - but still... This is just what i've picked up on from watching videos of people using an o-scope. but hey, i totally agree with "Just use your ears" - its worked fine for me, i just was interested to see if my ears were "accurate" haha!

Thanks for your reply :)

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It distorts at all levels. The only difference is the level of the distortion. Where that distortion becomes audible is going to depend on several factors including source material and settings within the headunit itself.

Never tested that deck to know where/if it reaches unacceptable levels of distortion.

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