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Q Enclosure Recommendations

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New Q Options for 2010!

Cooling: The 2010 Q now features a solid pole piece that allows the addition of the Helicool cooling system that will allow an additional 200-500 watts of power handling depending upon install and scenario. Bottom line this option increases thermal power handling capacity over a “Stock” Q.

P Chamfer: This is a chamfer on the end of the pole, it helps to bring the air down around inside of the motor and helps cool the coil better. It also helps relieve the pressure underneath the dustcap. Please note if you select “Cooling” this option is included in the cooling package.

High QTS: This option is for users who intend on using the new Q series woofers in only a sealed enclosure.

Spider: This option adds an additional spider to the spider pack to help with mechanical power handling and keeping the moving assembly under control.

I Heat Ring: This option is a machined aluminum ring in the gap that lowers the inductance of the voice coil which allows it to play up a little higher in the frequency range and have better overall transient response. Please note that you can NOT select low Qts and the I Heat Ring options together.

Past Q options: The 2009 and earlier Q series woofers allowed for a “BP” option which was a machined aluminum compression plug to the pole which helps channel all of the air under the dustcap around the coil for better cooling. To aid with this increased airflow we also added 6 axial cooling channels in the top plate. Along with increased thermal capacity comes the addition of an extra spider and a changed spider pack. All of these features increase power handling from 200-500 Watts depending on the application. We no longer offer this option with the 2010 Q series woofers. This is simply for reference for people who want to know what past options were offered.

Enclosures: Q 10 – We recommend using a sealed box in the neighborhood of .2-.6 cubic feet of volume (after all displacements for those wondering).

For ported boxes we recommend using .5-1.2 cubic feet from 28-33Hz tuning with 12-16 square inches of vent per one cubic foot of enclosure. 

Q 12 – We recommend using a sealed box in the neighborhood of .8-1.5 cubic feet of volume.

Ported box we recommend using 1.8-2.5 cubic feet @ 28-33Hz (I personally think that a 32 Hz tuning is optimal, and has the most output and is still the most musical daily driving). Use 12-16 square inches of vent area per one cubic foot of enclosure volume.

Q 15 – We recommend using a sealed box in the neighborhood of 2-2.6 cubic feet of volume.

Ported box we recommend using 2.8-4 cubic feet @ 28-33Hz. Again use 12-16 square inches of vent area per one cubic foot of volume.

Q 18 – We recommend using a sealed box in the range of 4-8 cubic feet of volume.

Ported box we recommend using 6-10 cubic feet @ 28hz tuning, you can tune a little higher if you wish but we recommend keeping it under 32hz. Again the same 12-16 square inches of vent area applies per one cubic foot of volume.

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Another review by DosOne, Thanks man!

Alright so I have had my system in for a couple of months now and I have finally had some time to really get to know it. Now that the hype of having a new system is over I am starting to listen to my normal music and not just rap, so thats stuff like 311, Eve 6, and Modest Mouse. And i have to say is that, it sounds amazing for being a 15. It keeps up with the fastest drum kicks and its clean and crisp. I could not be happier with the SQ of this sub. Before i had 2 10's and those were amazing for rock but this is just as good if not better, I got the benefit of being much louder and having lower notes but did not give up any accuracy!

Now for the SPL side of the Q. This baby is loud!!! I was totally blown away by how loud this driver will get. I went in with the idea of just having a really good SQ setup which i did, AND i got a spl score worth cometiting with! I couldnt believe it when i hit a 145.4 on my first run ever playing Lil Jon. Now I am just curious of what I can really hit after tweaking and playing tones. The only thing that could be better to me that what I have now is 2 Q 15's

Heres what Im Running

98' S-10 Ex. Cab

HU:Panasonic CQ-C7403U

Sub: Fi Q 15' d2

Amp: Hifonics BXI 1606d

Box: 4cubes @ 30 htz (by Scott)

Batt: Deka Intimidator

Dbs: 145.4 in the headrest (Throw it up)

Now some pics



This is how it looks now


This is probably my favorite pic



Pretty much the standard routine the day your sub arrives haha



Heres the Enclosure that Scott designed for me, I couldnt be happier





This is pretty much the bulk of my stuff, I believe it is a successful setup.

Thank you Scott and everyone else at Fi, I couldnt have done it without your help! You have my all of my respect and gratitude.

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