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    x series 15 is only 139 bucks https://ssl.perfora.net/www.ficaraudio.com/sess/utn;jsessionid=154ef9e4834daad/shopdata/0050_Speakers/0045_X/product_overview.shopscript
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    More stable for the stereo and the car.
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    I'd run the second alternator and audio system completely separate from the vehicles stock charging system and electrical.
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    I feel like Brett Favre!
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    Thank you sir. Loving these ZCONs!
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    Did some fixing and upgrading in the geo a few weeks back. Little geo is back to being loud again. some testing on music, car off.
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    just use your crossovers or buy some that suite your needs unless you want to do TA I think you should be good to go. If you have a amp like the Sundown SAZ range you can use the built in filters and you will be golden without buying any thing else.
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    I would make it shine with 1k.
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    Could you please explain this? Reason I ask is because I've seen quite a few builds with people using using sealed subs and getting flat responses well into single digits. I realize all rooms are different, which is why I'm not opposed to adding more subs to increase output. But I'm thinking 4 Q's (or 2 of the SP4's as you suggested) might be a good start. I guess I'll sort of revise my previous comments. Flat to single digits is "possible".....but with the inherent roll off characteristics of a sealed enclosure and displacement limitations it's not as simple as tossing subs in a sealed enclosure, sticking them in your room and calling it good. It would likely require some substantial EQ work and probably some luck with the room gain. I'm not familiar with the SMS-1 to know what it does, so I honestly don't know what EQ power you have available to you. But the main problem with trying to dig that deep sealed (aside from the inherent frequency response of the enclosure) is that sealed enclosures rely entirely on displacement for generating output. For every one octave decrease in frequency you need to quadruple displacement to maintain the same SPL. So if you are at 110db at 30hz, you would need quadruple displacement to have the same SPL at 15hz, then quadruple it again to have the same SPL at 7.5hz. So between 30hz and 8hz you would need a 16x increase in displacement to maintain the same SPL. This ofcourse doesn't consider the effects of room gain, which will help some. But my guess would be that the people getting flat to single digits with sealed enclosures end up having to reduce the output of the system at higher frequencies to keep the frequency response itself flat that low in frequency.......or they have a significant amount of room gain. Not to mention the drivers are probably operating at (or possibly over) Xmax at those very low frequencies, which increases distortion. Obviously you aren't going to hear the 2nd harmonic with a sub 15hz frequency, but possibly the 3rd, 4th and 5th harmonics are going to start reaching into the audible frequency spectrum which may color the sound if the distortion is severe enough. On the other hand with a LLT you are minimizing excursion at those very low frequencies which reduces driver generated distortion. I'll readily admit HT isn't my forte, I'm just extending basic audio principles over to that realm. My opinion would be an LLT would be a more efficient and better performing means to the end you are trying to achieve.
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    Flat to 8hz sealed isn't going to happen unless you have significant room gain. Hell, most electronics aren't going to be flat down to 8hz. Does it have to be sealed? How much room do you have to play with? If I were looking to use Fi drivers for a dedicated HT setup, personally I would be looking more along the lines of the SP4's in an LLT. For example, a pair of 18" SP4's would have more output than a quartet of 18" Q's sealed from 30hz and down, depending on enclosure sizes and tuning the pair of SP4's could have up to 10db more output at various points in that range. That's on slightly less power to the SP4's (5kw on the Sp4's, 6kw on the Q's).
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    Quick walk around video: Little Demo. Still need to step my electrical game up but getting there.
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    A few shots of the current setup. Installed the Pioneer HU: DC Audio 5k is wired up: I have the SSA ZCONS sitting in a ported box facing up. Box designed by RAM Designs. The amp is mounted on top of the battery box which contains two XS Power D3400s and a D6500 in the front. Decided to leave plain right now thinking about covering it with decal stickers
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    Here are some unboxing photos of the SSA ZCONs. Great customer service and products from SSA :
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    After some serious thought ,I cant scratch the 32 12s I guess i can give a run down Alts=5 320++ mechman/105 amper for the 12 volts Batts=20 D1600s/2 d3100 for the 12 volt Amps= 4 Sundown Audio NS-1 @ .5/ 4 100.4s for the mids Subs=32 SA 12s Mids/highs= 8 + Sundown Neo pro 10s/ 8+ Selenium St-350 tweeters A bunch of steel ,and a bunch of work ....Is that a good enough idea
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    well on to the new pics and videos ...
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    So whats amazing about it? 4300watts RMS @ 1 ohm?
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    Perfect example of why the DD-1 is useless for setting gains on a amp. Distortion isn't the enemy, heat is. And setting gains going entirely on being "distortion" free and will cause just as many problems as not using one, because idiots won't consider the amp producing to much power since they think the gains are "set" properly.