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    Perfect day to make some saw dust!
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    Agree. Even if there was, or is a meat head acting a fool, or some shit, theres no way it would get in my way. Me and my group would still make the best of it. No way it would hamper the time we would have. It pour'd rain at one show,... some people walked around moaning and growning. Shit, i wasnt at work, or a funeral, or a insurance seminar, soooooo i was fine. Walked around with a big stupid grin all day. All in how you look at it i suppose.
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    Want to sleep on the way home and a breakfast liter of beer can't hurt
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    super old advertisement lol
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    Not your area. Sure it has been more than 20 years since I competed up there, but that just isn't Fargo/Moorhead. What you've "heard" is heresy and nonsense. Just go out and try to have fun and you will.
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    thank you for making my dreams a reality.
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    Thank you for picking the SSA Gcon.
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    Shows I have competed in have been really fun. I was welcomed & complimented by everyone I ever took the time to engage on a personal level. Several guys from on the forum here and from Team IAK & many other teams, were so welcoming and friendly. Yeah you had some friendly ball busting & pranks but it's all in fun. You have to have thick skin and let stuff slide off your back sometimes only to find yourself waist deep in another persons ride diagnosing a problem or saving the day with a spare fuse. I've been lucky to have made many awesome memories & had fun with a lot of people who I would have never met and become friends with. David, Chuck, Sean, papa chop, many many others..... Super awesome people, without competition and these shows I never would've been introduced to such amazingly, caring, & friendly people who shared the same hobby. I never came home with a trophy, but I always came back with memories that for all positive reasons I will never forget.
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    Not a bad question. And i can see what your saying. For me, and my experiances, its been a absolute joy. I love to compete. Take it kinda serious. 99 percent of my competition is just ourselves. There have been a guy/rig or two i was gunning for. But not from hate, but respect. If you know what i mean. But dude,... im ALL about meeting and greeting. Competing takes a back seat for sure. The group i go or roll with, ... thats family. And then, the others, are great great friends. Have many come from out of state, or we go out of state(s) to meet and hang with them. The weeks leading up to the show, its about the rig, the drive up, or over, or whatever, its ALL about getting there to see the people. Our shows are normally a monster family. Everyone knows everyone. Maybe dont care for them, but no hate. There has been a "issue" here and there. Frustration has came into play, ... some mouths ran, hell ive done it a few times. But never physical, personal, never un forgiving. Id have a audio rig if there was comps or not, but man... do i love to see everyone. Catch up, meet their families, kids and such. Sit under the tent , have a beer, laugh our asses off..... Man, your making me want to go right now lol. I can see what your saying. And why you would wonder though. Ive seen some vids at a show or two there was yelling, shouting and fighting. But, ive never seen it. I love the north, west and south people gatherings. Ive never been further east than wyoming. 99.9 percent of the time, its hugs, fist bumps, and everyone roots everyone on. And everyone helps anyone in need. I myself, look forward to them big time. I use my vacation/pto time to not miss them. Drive hours to get to them. Spend money on gas, hotel rooms. Whatever it takes. If you have had a bad experiance, that sucks man. But i wouldnt let it drag you down, or stop you at all. I look forward to them for months. And a show, thats ran smooth, people have personal bests, or some silly shit happens, get to see a buddy thats states away ya keep in contact with, but dont see but 2 times a year or something,.... man.... it dont get much better for me.
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    Little update!!!!!! Amps will be back from repair Wednesday. Decided to try out some lithium batts. And finally... 6 18in psi platform 5 monsters.
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    Got a little done while it was warm outside. Now I got to smoothe the holes. Glass the fender wheel cutouts and install baffle.
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    Cleaned her up before starting to assemble the box on the inside. That new paint is killer. What I did tonight! And we added another yukon to the family
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    Well she is at her new home for a few weeks. Started cutting wood. Picking up the rest and hopefully will be bout 50% done by Sunday.
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    Could just run a miniDSP then as well. $2 option for a volume knob. Ipad direct into miniDSP to amplifier. Cheaper than a headunit and WAY more settings possible.
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    I just use an analog volume pot in my boat, but have no use for a headunit since my source is never a CD. If you go that route, the Blue Velvet ALPS are bang for the buck a win.
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    Btw guys, my girl bought this for me. She loves bass and wants this to be our show truck. I found my wife lol