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Found 19 results

  1. 80INCHES

    (...80INCHES IS BACK...)

  2. So I'm been on the web looking at different types of 5k amps that are linkable amps, so I can upgrade my current amp set up...I'm looking for a amp out of these new or used- dd m4a, sundown audio 4500, crescendo bc5500, dc audio 5k, ampere audio 5000.1. It has to be able to do around 3800-4000 wire down to 1.3ohms. Running 3-18s DSS ethos box is in the works.... Electrical is dual alts stock will run the truck, mid, and highs the singer 270amp will run only for the battery bank. 4 juice box blackcherry battery back, two runs of 1/0 wielding wire. ( would like more batts if space would allow) ( playing music daily and burbs on comps) I'm not looking for a father and son conversation here just wanting to know which amp would be better suited for my set up that's all thanks for reading.
  3. Jacob Eshack

    E-12 d2 as home theater sub ideas

    Hey guys, I have e12 d2 I got a while back from Jacobs yard sale, I was thinking it would make a decent home theater sub, Just want some ideas on tuning/aero port/ down firing?/ If anyone can help out Id appreciate
  4. What power supply 12v do i need to power up Sundown 1000.1 monoblock amp
  5. Josh Easom

    Sundown X-series dimensions?

    Anyone know where to find mounting depth and cut out for these subs? I'm wanting to install single x-12 in trunk of 09 mustang. I'm sure there are plenty of others looking for this as well.
  6. I currently have installed in my 2006 QX56 an saz-1200d and a sa-15 d2 in a ported enclosure 3.45 ft cubed tuned to 35 hz. I have 0 gauge running to the back the big 3 all in 0 gauge. I have an xspower d5100r up front and a d680 on the way for the back, gets here today. My stock bose actually over plays my current set up so probably going to leave it like it is until I have to upgrade as everything ties into the stereo. I found a deal I could not pass up on a saz-1500d v2 and now have to attempt figuring out how to make the right upgrade to make my SUV pound. What would be a way of setting up a system with these 2 amps? I was thinking of several ways, but would like to hear what would give me the most with what I have. A couple of my main thoughts are what impedence subs? How many? Should I use both 15's and 12's in seperate enclosures? Basically I need help figuring this out.
  7. I have: Sundown SAX-100.4 in good condition- $275 shipped or trade for a Crescendo C1100.4 2x Sundown SD-2 10 d2s in great condition and lightly used- $250 shipped Lower 48 states only please...
  8. Aaron Clinton

    * Sundown Audio Amplifier Pre-Orders *

    More killer pricing on Sundown Audio amplifiers, and why SSA is the only choice when it comes to your Sundown Audio needs. SAZ-3500D v.2 Pre Order: http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/sundown-audio-saz-3500dv-2.html SAZ-2500D v.2 Pre Order: http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/sundown-audio-saz-2500d.html SAZ-1200D Pre Order: http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/sundown-audio-saz-1200d.html
  9. SMpaintball78

    sundown saz3k for sale

    today, i have my sundown saz3000 up for grabs. amp is in imaculate condition with 1-2 small scratches. amp comes with the origional box it comes with new and a bass knob. i had it on my ssa zcon 18 d2 running @1ohm. no problems what so ever out of the amp and never gets hot. i am looking for 500 shipped for it.
  10. masteryoda

    Test results 600 Watt subs

    So I had some equipment laying around the shop and some spare time. I thought I would do the following tests. what are your thoughts on this? Both subs where tested for peak Hz prior to shooting the video. so each sub is played at its loudest Hz to make the test fair. this was done only to keep people from saying the one sub likes a differant Hz becuase it does. the second important thing to note is that this test is based on actual clamped power and not head unit volume the volume had to be turned up on one sub to get the same clamped power to make the output the same. Thank and enjoy! Rated power test 40% over rated power test
  11. Alright so I decided to go for the two Sundown E series 12" subwoofers rather than the SA series 15" subwoofer. I was told and thought the answer was reasonable, that two 12" E series will have better SQ and SPL than a single SA series 15" sub. I was wondering if anyone had them(The E series 12's), and would recommend a certain Ported enclosure size, I'm going to use Aero Ports... My max dimensions are 14h x 34w x 20d. I don't want to go any bigger, I'd enjoy a little wiggle room in my trunk. Height and Width are maxed, Depth can be extended quite a bit. I'm thinking of tuning my box to around 30-35Hz. Has anyone had these subs in a ported enclosure, can you give me feedback on if you'd want to go a little bigger or smaller? I might end up just letting the person I'm going to higher to build the box work those kinks out, since I don't have the tools to do it myself...
  12. boatboy

    Sa12 or Sa15?

    What would be louder an sa12 in a tline or a sa 15 in a lport? Amp suggestions?
  13. boatboy

    help for sa 15 box

    I have an older corolla, i want to go with a 4.0 ft^3 slot-port tuned @ 32Hz. Its a small trunk the max dimensions are 33x16.5x21.
  14. Hi guys new to this site, and I seem to be having a problem, I have 3 SA-8's been running them for a few months, love em, but the other day, I noticed one of them wasnt playing, and one of the other was moving very little compared to the other, so I figure a terminal connection had come loose, so I pull it out of the box to find that the tinsel leads are burned right through, on both subs near the center, , now when I depress the center I get no scratching whatsoever, and looking through the vents the coil looks prestine, and im very much wondering why this has happened, as I have an alpine pdx m-12 so the subs aee getting rated power, as well they are in a 2.1 ^3ft tuned at 34 hz port are 29 square so its all to spec, and I let them break in gently, and I am very frustrated, anybody got ideas, or what to do ?
  15. I currently have a 2005 single cab Dodge Ram 1500. I recently ordered a Sundown Audio SA-8 D4 v.1. I have a 1k Hifonics Mono Amp i was hoping to push this sub with. Im having issues getting a box design. I built my own and friends boxes but only merely guessing needed airspace and very unfamiliar with tuning. I under stand its got to do with the driver, box volume and port length and size but beyond that im a noob. From reading around I've seen that these subs need about .5-.75 cubs of box at about 30 to 40hz? My first box attempt was around .6cubs but the port was about 1"x8" and only 27" long which im almost positive is incorrect because the sub will not even do any notes below 40hz with tones. I need some assistance on where i should start box wise and if it would be possible to fit 2 of these subs in the back of my truck. To give and idea of what the space is like I currently have a 4.cub box with 2kicker 12's behind the seats. the box is around 40+"x11x14. Im sure there's room is mainly the videos from YouTube with these subs with ports bigger than the actual box space is what scares me. I appreciate the future help.
  16. ok im in for 2 sundown sa-8v2 i have a few ideas of the amp i want to run but i want to know some of your opions on which amp i should run?
  17. Budah93

    Subwoofer Question

    I recently got 2 sundown audio sa-15, i put them in a 7cuft box tuned to 35 hz. I have the big 3 down and a yellow top optima under the hood. I plan on having the amp professionally tuned to their won't be any clipping. So here's my question.... If i buy a hifonics brutus 2400.1 can the subs handle it? i've heard people can put more on them so anybody that has these want to give me some input?? thanks!