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Buick Century - active 3way + sub w/ nexus 7

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Hey guys, I'm back with an update. Weather hasn't cooperator with me but what do you expect this time of year. 4hOoZnC.jpg 


I attached the tweeter pods to the mid range pods with some epoxy. Notice I had to print a new tweeter pod for the left side to gain some clearance. 





I'm using some camera tripod mounts and threaded inserts to hold the pods to the A pillar trim. I'm not sure if this will hold up but I'll see how it goes. 



On the rear of the A pillar trim I used some large round pieces of metal to reinforce the  trim piece. 



I did a few test fits before getting things right but this is how the pods are installed for now. 




Sorry for the bad quality pics. I decided to throw these in there and go grab some late night Chinese food.

This photo is from right above the driver side headrest. should give you an idea on how they're aimed. My lazer pointer worked pretty well! I'll play around with the tweeter orientation as I tune. 



So the whole point of this build was to see how low I can get these 4 incher to play and see if they meet up with the midbass in the 100-150 hz range. I haven't tested too much yet but I think that it will work. Unfortunately, my mdf baffle on the driver side door is complete fucked from water so I ordered some plastic cutting board material and a jigsaw to make a new baffle... 

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A few other notes. I sealed the wire hole in the back of the MR pod with duct seal (love this stuff) and I add some poly fill to them as well

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