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    What were the pros and cons of each if any. well to me the xcon seemed louder. the bl is pretty close though. the xcon does wayy better on the lows. ive never had low notes get to my ears before i heard the xcon. the bl is more an spl sub. it does way better on the high notes and it still does pretty good on the lows.
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    If you want to use the meter, set if for 500 watts. You won't be able to hear the difference between it and 900 anyways and this way you know you have some room to breathe.
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    Dude, forget about the lights. That has absolutely nothing to do with setting the gain. Listen for the sub stressing when you set the gain. Then you need to back it off a little.
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    Iv owned both and both have there pros and cons. The BL is simply an amazing SPL woofer for the money simply put. The x-con is an amazing SQ woofer that will flat out amaze you with its ability to be accurate yet very loud. In my opinion the BL is slightly louder than the x-con but when it comes to the SQ part of the equation they are not close at all. If i was looking to do spl i would have got another BL but i love to sound good and be loud.
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    ive heard both the bl and xcon. the xcon is soooo much different from the bl. i like how the bl sounds but i loved how the xcon sounded
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    The first step to making this system better is building the proper enclosure for them, I would try a few things like trying to tie down the panel to rear deck or something along those lines to keep it from jumping. Nothing major just some minor things can be fixed from the info you gave us and the small footage you showed, for you to be 16 its not bad at all ( I know people double your age who still do shitty jobs) .
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    Well, I think I have ample time into this sub now, and I've been promising this review, so here it goes. First off, car and other equipment. Car is a Dodge Neon ES, headunit is a Sony GT330, front speakers are Powerbass 2xl-6.5's powered off the h/u, the sub is powered off of a Kicker KX400.1 at 2 ohm in 2.0 net sealed. Crossed at 90 hertz @ 12db per octave (only to help the coax's until I can amp them). Some quick pics: The most important part, the box: The cone and dustcap of the moofer: Height comparison next to a Pepsi 2 liter bottle: Coil venting, which I was not expecting on an entry level driver: Ass shot: The mini review: First thing I noticed listening to this sub is it's louder than my old Kicker Comp, which it should be, since I'm giving it over 2x the power. Second thing I noticed is it really likes lower material, like sub-40 hertz region. Anything above and it seems to struggle on some notes a WEEEEEEE little bit, might just be my box. Third, it's very accurate for an entry level driver in the chitty enclosure I have. Some of the stuff I listen to is very well recorded, and it reproduced most all of it close to perfectly save for the small hiccups as I noted. First real song I listened to was Muse- Knights Of Cydonia. If you've never heard the song before, or haven't heard a good copy on a good sub, the beginning has some drop notes in the intro that will shake your car hard. This sub reproduced it so well that it surprised even me. I thought my Comp did an admirable job of reproducing it, but the IA is 100x better. Second was Kerli- Walking On Air. Really creepy girl, really creepy video, kinda pop meets electronic song. Very low and loud information in this one, and again, the IA kept up just fine. Rearview mirror hates this song smile.gif Third was Rascal Flatts- What Hurts The Most. Gets really low for a country song, but has nice note shifts in it. Only complaint is the upper end, and I think it's just my box. Fourth was T.I.- What You Know About That. Great note shifts and low information in it. Played flawlessly on this one. Loud, low when it needed to be low, and switched between the notes with ease, didn't hang itself up on any of them, unlike the Comp. Fifth was Fear Factory- Damaged. Very quick kick drums that are well recorded. Had good accuracy on them, and played them with a good bit of authority. Not the Raymond Herrera authority of a concert, but still respectable. Overall, so far that is, I'm QUITE satisfied with my purchase, and I personally think that it's unbeatable in the entry level price range. I'm going to do some more listening here in the next couple days and will add some songs and reviews of them. I didn't have all the songs on my Ipod that I wanted to sad.gif Nick, you got a customer for life man, I'll be buying again. Kef
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    This sub is great. It is my first sub but ive heard other setups with 2 10's or 2 12's and its been louder or just as loud as the ones i hear with low but tight bass I have it in 4 cubes net with 64" of port area powered by a kicker 300.1. I cant wait to get a bigger amp to see how this thing handles it. Also i would recommend this product in a heartbeat especially for 130 shipped. Sorry if this isn't a great review but thats why i didn't start a new topic for it just thought some more input would be nice. Also i almost forgot to add how helpful Nick at IA was in answering all my noob questions promptly and completely and my sub arrived in about ten days.
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    LOL SSA pops right up with the search term, and the official Fi website isn't even on the page The commercial really hypes this new search engine up, but ironically I tend to end up with more B.S. results with Bing then I do Google
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    (same post as i put on stevemeade board) ******UPDATE********* So i was gonna wait to give you guys the update, but since i havent been here in awhile and see how much attention this post has gotten, i thought i should update you guys now. The day after my last post, Scott emailed me the next day. To make a very long story very short, He was extremely helpful and is sending my out a new unit with a return postage for the other. He kept in touch with me and provided extremely good customer service to see how I wanted to handle the situation. My sub is still on the way, but based on the way Scott took care of me, I am definately reminded why i first chose FI audio. They have excellent customer service. Im suprised why there not on jd powers and associates ranking for customer service. lol Anyways, I can hear how all you guys say its not a big deal, but to me it is. When i bought my first FI sub, It came in perfect condition, so i had a standard i was expecting the sub to be in. The sub i first received was definately not anywhere near the condition as my first. And yes i do work hard for my money, so everything counts to me. Lets say i was to resale the subwoofer without the box, and my customer was to see the damage done to it. He might not necessarily believe me when i say "oh FI sent it to me that way...." You guys might not care of your stuff looks, but i am definately a perfectionst. Back to the subject. I just want everyone to know how great a guy Scott and the FI team are. They got in contact with me extremely fast, provided excellent customer service, that exceeded my expectations. If you are deciding between Fi and maybe another company, i think you should put serious thought into FI just because you know they are going to have the customer service to back it up. I plan to post NEW pictures of thew NEW sub, once i get it. Oh and to those who think i shouldnt of posted on the forums, I apologized myself to Scott about posting on the forums, but he actually said it was a good thing i did, so that customers can actually hear about other peoples stories. And venting on forums kinda acts like the police towards the FI customer service. It makes them strive to provide good customer service.
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    So I saw the commercial for the new search engine Bing and I decided to check it out. It looks really nice. Might replace Google for me. Check it out. Bing