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Post your Audio Setup!!!

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7.6 cu ft tuned to 32

2 15" subs- konaki motors w/ high roll surround/ cf cone/cap and flat wind coils

powerbass xa 3000d amp

all knukonceptz wiring

pioneer deh-p4900ib

undecided on comps and comp amp

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Eclipse cd7100

Dynaudio md100's

Mpyre 6.5's

ssa icon 12 sealed (soon as I get some box building tools I will try ported)

sundown sae1000d

cadence 300.2

hifonics samson gen x (arrived doa... will be replace Very soon)

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Head unit- Jvc Arsenal avx-1

Amps- for now Cadence ZRS 9000D on Subs and ZRS 9004 On highs

highs- Oz audio 4.1 matrix elite componets along with the matrix elite 6.1 compents in the rear the last series they carried and in my opinion the best

subs- 2 custom built 10' Crossfire xs spl's

Alt- Mechman 250 amp

batts- 1 Powermaster 3400 up front and 2 stinger 1700's in the back along with 2 stinger 680's in the back

Stinger roadkill sound deadner in trunk and doors

stinger helix rca's and hpm 0 gauge power wire

AudioControl Matrix Line driver

custom agu fuse block

and Custom vented Box

150.3 db at 39hz on termlab at the headrest so far

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small car:mazda

pioneer 5900 deck

pioneer mids and highs

hifonics brutus 2000

crunch 1000 on mids and highs

2 15" fi q's w/o options

sealed pro box

big car:cadillac

jensen touch screen (forgot the exact model)

hifonics mid's and highs

4 5-1/2" in front

4 6X9"s in rear

hifonics zxi 2 channell

ma audio 4k

4 15"kicker cvx's

future for the big car

ps3, screens in head rest,new wheels and candy paint!

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93 Ext cab chevy 2wd

No more rear seat : /

Alpine 9887 cd player

some cheap 4 channel kenwood for the speakers ( can't remember the model #)

2 Earthquake Team quake15s

2 Earthquake PHD-5000s @2 ohms

Its not too bad for what it is :coolugh:

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2007 Nissan Altima

Japanese Pioneer ODR HU and Processor

Genesis Dual Mono Extreme Amplifiers (4 of them)

Genesis Absolute 7" Midbass

Genesis Absolute 4" Midrange

Morel MT-23 Tweeter

Subs--these are coming out in a few weeks to be replaced by Incriminator Audio Flatlynes

Powermaster battery

Hooker Audio Wiring

Second Skin deadening and foams


2002 Ford F150 Supercab FX4 (under construction)

Sony CDX-C900

Alpine H701 Processor (for now)

Genesis P2 Ultra--Tweeters (150 x2 )

Genesis P4 Ultra--Bridged to Midbass (400 x2)

Genesis PSub Ultra--Front Subwoofer (500 x1)

Genesis P4--Center Channel and rear fill (50 x4)

Incriminator Audio 6 1/2" Midbass

Incriminator Audio Tweeter

The Autophile 3" point source driver (center channel)

???????????? Rear Fill

Ultra Subs LV10" front Sub

Ultra Subs Monster 18's in a wall

??????? Amps to power wall subs (still working on this)

Hooker Audio Wire

Power Master batteries

Second Skin deadening and Foams.


Edited by Andy Jones

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1987 Chevy S10 blazer 2d

HU- Pioneer DEH-P4700MP

EQ/processor - Audiocontrol HPX

Front stage - Lanzar MD4 in the dash

Rear stage - Focal 6v1 Ployglass

Mids/highs amp - SPX Pro Audio 400.2

Subs - 2) Kicker L7s 12D4s (first gen) in a %cu.ft ported box tuned at around 32hz

Subs Amp - Crunch PZi1500.1

future - sell of the subs/amp combo and go with 2-4 Fi Audio SSD 18s in a wall, with Soundstream D-tower amps

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My car is a Toyota Auris D4D. 2.0liter, 4 doors. It's the new corolla.

My h u is a Pioneer 880 prs II (the new one).

I have a Boston amp for the Focal 165KP(fantastic!) front and the Davis Acoustics 130 cvt rear.

The JL Audio A1800 D'amp is powering my SSA Icon 15" sub : incredible!!!(Much much better than my previous Kicker S15L7 with more power!

The trunk is deadened with a layer of Fatmat (not so good) and a lqyer of Secondskinaudio Damplifier.

Damplifier in the front doors, but not completly.

0 ga Stinger power wiring, Stinger rca's'

Dbsonic 2 farads cap.

Stock battery

Big 3 still to come

Belive me : it sounds really good! Loud and clear!!!

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I got u beat, :)

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i hope u know i was referrin to what little i have now... :)

I'm walkin around bassboxin waiting for my new setup to manifest itself to be.

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In my truck: 2000 GMC Sierra Z71 step side,

HU: Eclipse CD8455- 3 way active

Fronts: Phoenix Gold RSD6.5 mids, Memphis PR tweets

Subs: Two 12" TREO SSi12.22 subs wired to 2 ohms

Amp1, mids/highs: Phoenix Gold ZX450v2

Amp2, subs: Phoenix Gold ZPA0.5v2

Processing: Audio Control DQS, Phoenix Gold Bass Cube.

Wifes car: We're looking but what I have for it,

HU: Eclipse 8443

Fronts/rears: will be stock powered by the HU

Sub: Either or a Phoenix Gold 10" XMAX, or the PG XS104

Sub amp: LANZAR Opti150

The car will determine what speakers will go in it at a later time.

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Next weekend I will be installing my gear into my new (to me) ride. My car should be out of the shop, needed a little work, early next week.

1992 300zx 2+2

Hu- Eclipse 7100 -going to go back to passive for the time being

Front Comps- Focal k2p 6.5's

Sub- 12 Ssa Icon sealed

Front amp- Os rockford 75x2 (Unless I decide to bust out my cadence txa 3004)

Sub amp- Sundown 1000d

Going to use a box of raammat bxt II, curious how it will compare to the older bxt on the roll.

Going to see what I think about my 12 in my 300zx. Going from a galant (sedan with a trunk) to a sports car with a hatch. May trade, sell, or recone my sub to get a 10 to keep more hatch space.

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look at the signature and enjoy

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Think I did this once before here, but will update.......

Deck-JVC7500w/iPod adaptor

Comps-Pioneer Premier 720c's(Fully deadened doors)

Rears-Pioneer Premier 6x8's (doors need done badly, lol)

Subs-2 D2-10" Pioneer Premier w-250spl subs 800rms each

Sub amp-Hifonics Brutus BXI 2608D@2-ohms doing roughly 1600rms.

Highs amp-Older clarion amp, forget model. Does roughly 75rmsx4.

Box-2.0cft ported box @34, built by Twisted0912 over at ca.com.

Wire-A shit ton Knu Konceptz KLMX 0/1 and accessories, with big3 finally done.

Batteries-1 Redtop group31 up front and 1 Powermaster D5100 in the back.

Deadener-100sqft of fatmat throughout and about 60sqft of Secondskin damp, all in the trunk. I need more, lol!

Doing 145.1 last time on buddies TL.

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New set up for my Toyota Auris :

Hu : Pioneer deh p88 rs II

Front speakers : Focal 165 KP

Rear speakers : Davis 5 1/4 with gain very very low on amplifier.

Speakers amp : Boston gt42

Sub : SSA Icon 15 wired at 1 Ohm, in a (about) 4 ft3 ported enclosure tuned to 30 something Hz.

Sub amp : Sundown saz 1000 D

Stinger 0 ga. Stinger rca

1 layer of Fatmat and 1 layer of Secondskin Damplifier in the trunk

Front doors deadened with Damplifier (pro)

I have to change my sig :)

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Head unit - Alpine W205

Image Dynamic 6.5s Front stage

4 Custom DC Soundlabs Lvl4 15s Walled

2 Audioque AQ3500Ds

1 Sundown 100.4

1 Mechman 250A alternator

Dual 200A Paralleled Solenoids

2 XS Powermaster batteries

100sqft of Secondskin Damplifier Pro

Over 30cuft of Triple Expanding Foam.

1/0, 2/0 and 3/0 wire throughout vehicle.

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HU: Eclipse CD8455

Processors: Audio Control DQS, Phoenix Gold BassCube

Amps: Phoenix Gold Zx450v2 active on comps, Phoenix Gold ZPA0.5-subs

Fronts: 3-Way set up via, Memphis PR-15 tweeta, Phoenix Gold RSD 3" mid, and the Phoenix Gold RSD 6 1/2" mid from the RSD6.5c

Rears:??? WTFF?

Subs: 2 TREO SSi12.22 12"s

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Car: 03 Ford Expedition

HU: JVC double-din

Sub: RE MT 15"


Speakers: Stock FTL

Speaker Amp: Soundstream Van Gogh

Batt: Stock up front (gonna be replaced by XS 5600), Shuriken BT100 and D975 in back

Wire: All KnuKoncpetz Kollosus Flex

Alt: Dual alts: 105AMP stock and 270SP DC Power

Box: around 5 cubes tuned to ~37hz

it does the job for now.... :shrug:

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It was stolen a few years ago it was the last one I had, it was decent except the fronts were stock, I wasn't finished. The cops found it burning a mile away, and the person(s) also smashed into some cars in a nearby town.

Sunfire GT

Stock fronts, 4x6 I think.

Panasonic 7" flipout touchscreen $1000

used 2005 RE XXX 12D2 $350 It wasn't stolen, the APX was thank god, I paid $200 for it, the Eclipse was $200.

2.2 cubes @ 35 or 37hz 1" MDF 2 or 2.5" slot port $300

Visonik V900XD 1500W @ 1ohm $250 The XXX blew a tinsel so I swapped it for an Atomic APX 12, the amp blew up in my car when I hooked it back up after lending it, I might have put the wires in wrong but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't do that, sparks flew and it started smoking like there was someone spraying the inside with a fire extinguisher, and I had to kick out the wires, the amp was very hot, it started smoking right after I turned on the deck. I'd like to know if I F'd that up. XXX blew a tinsel so I bought an Atomic APX 12 and swapped it. It sounded horrible and wasn't as loud although the VC was very stiff. I swapped the APX for an Eclipse SW8200 and left the port open and ran the amp at 2 ohms (750W), the XXX and SW are pretty much SQ subs, the XXX sounds neutral while the SW sounds neutral and warm, that's about it, they had nearly the same SPL to my ears, the XXX tickling your nose and blurring your vision 35-45hz.

2 runs of 1.0 (batt to amp & amp to ground)

It probably did a solid 138-142 @ 45hz, if the windows were rolled down with car off, if I went into my house 40 feet away it would vibrate the walls a bit, if the windows were up it just rattled. It impressed everyone, my rearview fell off twice, but I wanted another sub & 1500W firing foreward and fronts, it would have been crazy and I wouldn't of had it cranked all the time, my ear started crackling but it was probably the fronts they sounded scratchy.

I also tried 2 Eclipse SW8200's sharing 750W and it had intense lows I loved those subs.

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2 15" MTX Thunder 9500, 2 Power Acoustil 3000db.. daily driver, saving up some money to switch it up to something much louder but this is it for now


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