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    You didn't say where, every install just about can do a 160 somewhere.
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    Meh, it is my lot in life, but thanks. I look at it like if that is my burden, I have little to complain about. As a bleeding heart kind of guy I donate to numerous causes, from Brenners Childrens hospital to the Wounded Warriors Project. When I see what those children and soldiers have to endure all day, every day, and all I have to do is deal with a 45 minute long bout of pain I count myself very lucky. I hope those of us here with the means give to worthwhile charities like those I just mentioned.
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    I'm not trying to be rude but why do you want to run so much power to either choice? Assuming you're going to wire the amp to 1 ohm, of course.
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    Get the 1700 for your sub, and a second amp for your doors speakers. You don't need such a high end head unit, but why not, it's not too expensive ! Welcome, and spend some times reading here before you pull the trigger on anything ! Take your time. Take a look at the SSA drivers too.
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    If you are getting an Fi 12" on 1200 watts plus, you will most definitely want to amp your front stage so it can at least try to keep up with your sub stage. You can keep it simple and buy a component set and run a single 2 channel amp.
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    cant wait to see the new box!
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    Man, everything is looking great, I'm diggin' the distribution blocks.
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    Teach us oh wise one, we wish to learn.......bwahahahaha!!!
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    But when you live on the back side of the sun and hang with the spooks the world is always dark.
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    Lol. It's not that bad. I've seen much worse. It's an XCON actually that I'm using though. I ran ur numbers real quick and tho you did include the driver displacement the RE calc does not figure for port displacent either. Although your tuning will probably still be pretty close. I would build it and see how it goes if I were you. Also, nice choice on the sub. My sisters DCON is quite the amazing little sub. Be sure to really take ur time if u do go with the plexiglas. If its not done just right it will leak and the enclosure will not sound good.
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    That should explain it, however you need to rough both surfaces up a bit with a little bit of sand paper, wipe both of them down with acetone and then mix a little bit of 2-part epoxy and put the slightest bit on the flanged side of the bp power plug, spin it around and let it dry over night. Hope this helps!
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    Totally needed, imo. Epicness can not be obtained by, nor awarded to, those whom dwell within the stuffy confines of just plain awesomeness...... Thus why we should encourage Sean to continue even further, so he may someday obtain the epicness he so desires.
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    to the forum! Be sure to ask plenty of questions. We'd rather see you spend your money right the first time!
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    ya thats right i knew you were in missouri... im gonna have to come check this out!!
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    Indiana Damn Senchez, could you be any more vague? I will google when and where exactly it is I guess. LOL On another note for fun I did some measurements and quick design and have the perfect space for 3 18's walled off. It would be 19 cubes tuned at 30 after all displacement with 228in of port. 3 subs across bottom port across top. May place my order soon.........
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    Thank you, I am no different than anyone else really. In my head I think "what if" probably too much. And I really do like this enclosure, I have many many hours in it and if I did change it would be a curiosity thing mainly. Here is a final video showing my setup to complete this build log.
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    http://vminnovations.com <- Free shipping on everything and they do giveaways. Their product selection isn't that great but still decent http://www.carstereo.com/help/Articles.cfm?Car_Audio=Subwoofer%20Box%20Volume%20Calculator <- Some more box calculators http://www.wolframalpha.com/ <- Slightly unrelated but this site is AMAZING. You can type in just about anything you want in the search bar and it will give you a ton of info back. For example, if you type in "40V 60A" it will give you your wattage, resistance, etc.
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    With all things being equal the sp4's were 1 db louder and a "smoother" sound througout the freq's. To me the zcons were peaky. This was same box (well within recommended for both subs). But take that with a grain of salt. That may not be the same for every person. Imho you can't go wrong with either and I'm sure you will be happy with either.
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    He's posting in the FEEDBACK section, it's what it's for... Just because someone runs a business doesn't mean their not a scammer or have shady practices, not saying Kevin is or isn't tho