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    Denim and I have been thinking about ways to get more traffic back to the forum, and have a few ideas about contests, like a classifieds contest, were we would pick a random user every month for a prize, but I am sure you guys have some great ideas for contests.... lets come up with a great idea, and get this place back on top of the forum game, once again...
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    I want to extend a thanks to the SSA forum members that have been with us for a while and have supported my expansion of the SSA product offerings. 10 years ago it started with the SSA Icon 12D2, and we have slowly expanded from there. After years of just sub woofers, I was finally able to move into smaller speakers. Our latest offering is the Evil6.5 mid. All that being said, I need to take care of the people who are apart of the SSA family first. So to our SSA forum members, if you want to try out our new Evil6.5, I will place a $10 SSA Store credit on your SSA Store account for each SSA Evil6.5 you want to order. This is available to SSA forum members with an SSA Store account until September 15th, 2016. _________________________________________________________________________ All you have to do is follow the below example and post in this topic: SSA Store account email address: jimmystew@hotmail.com Number of Evil6.5's: 2
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    Here are some final production unit pictures. Very excited.
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    A few years late, but we are finally getting a very nice tweeter going that is worthy of being a part of the SSA line. The pictures below show the prototypes, they are really attractive in person and will, in production form, bare the SSA logo. See the attached files for the 4 and 8 ohm versions. They are quite smooth to my ear (aka not super bright like some metal dome tweets can be) and blend well with the Evil6.5's (vital to the design). These are not a PA style, 'screamy' tweet, these are meant for sound quality first and foremost. Possible future home audio plans. Pricing is not set just yet. These will be sold as a pair. Some quick points of info: 28mm Silk Dome, Large Roll Surround Aluminum Faceplace and Housing Sound Transparent Grill Low Fs. for flexibility in both Home & Car Neo Motor with Shallow non-Resonant Chamber 61.9mm (2.44") dia. flange, 21.5mm (.85") depth 65 watts rms
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    Haha WOW I just remembered that I posted this years ago and had to update! Well the bad news is that I ended up getting all of the way up to 535 pounds a few years ago...the good news is that I am currently 315 pounds and steadily losing! I hope that everyone is doing well! I truly miss my SSA family!
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    A 110lb sub will give you a hernia? That's cute.
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    LMAO...then the DD1 did absolutely NOTHING to for you. The fact you used it as a "starting point" with a 0db test tone then manually increased the gain means you negated any affect the DD1 had on the setting. You didn't set your gain with the assistance of the DD1, you set your gain by ear...exactly the same as we suggested here.
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    I will say this ... (LOL Sean, had to ...) I hardly ever run larger than a 10" driver in my setups. But I have had 4 15s in one of my ground pounders. Now after talking to Mark and Aaron personally at show and events, and basically demoing SEVERAL different drivers, If I ever went stupid and built me another ground pounder, I promised Aaron that I would be ordering SSA product s for that ride. Performance along with ownership and customer service is more than enough to run their equipment. So if I was you, I'd order SSA and call it a day brother. You won't be disappointed.
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    I will make an official announcement when production is near done, so please hold off on the flood of questions until then. Attached is a photo of the prototypes (MEANING THEY ARE HOUSE SAMPLE MATERIAL AND NOT THE PRODUCTION COLORS, THINK CAR PROTOTYPES WITH WEIRD PAINT JOBS) I have been testing with our custom heat sink. Loads of surface area so heat is not an issue under normal loads. Starting out with a VERY sturdy mono block and strong 4 channel.
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    There are two things I have never had since I got "serious" into car audio. A 10" sub, or a decent dual sub setup. So this is my build for two 10" xcons! Im super excited, they should be finished building and arriving soon, I hope. I am fitting the maximum dimensions of my trunk while still being able to fold up the stock floor and access the spare tire. I was left with 3.11 internal cubic feet without sub, bracing, 45s, or port displacement. This is firing into the car, so I also needed the subs and port to be on the same face. The triangle port is unconventional but takes up less volume than a typical slot port inside the box and also has less port wall surface area, so I'm hoping it works out. That angle took some wizardry to figure out, and it still came out a little crooked but oh well. The "45s" are little pine cove trim pieces, figured this is the best I can do without sacrificing internal volume. I used minimal bracing but it should be enough, and undercoated everything with two cans, I honestly dont think it does anything but I like to do it on my boxes. it gives a solid completed look to the inside of the box and its extra leak insurance. Final volume and tuning should be 2.4 cubes at 31 hz with 25 sq in port area. The box is a little too small and the port is a little too small, but its all the space I have. Got some black base down and some custom copper orange pearl, trying my best to match the faceplate of my Crecendo BC3500. All thats left is to carpet it with black felt, wire the drivers in, and go to town!
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    I've stayed out of this until now. This is ridiculous. PERIOD. I understand the rep feature is in place because it's favorable on other types of social media and that is the ONLY reason the software provider has coded it into the forum. Here it serves absolutely NO purpose other than to stir shit. Nothing else. Most people here, come here for no BS, and to get THE best advice. We don't need a rep system to alert people of bullshit or bullshitters. They are easily and readily seen and called out. Billy Jack,I am going to give you some advice. I was once in your shoes, in fact you may be able to find some of my initial posts from when I first joined here to prove it. Perception is reality. You may think you are right, you may FEEL you are right. You may be right. . . . BUT when everyone else perceives you as wrong, you are wrong. You talk about M5's comments on subjective topics. Unfortunately, it is your own subjectivity which denies you the ability to look at things objectively and see things from an open mind perspective. You may be passionate, you my be educated, you may be correct, you may even be one hell of a cool guy, but you carry yourself all wrong, and for that reason, you have ZERO credibility. Aaron, this is your forum,and you do as you please, but the rep system, IMO, is childish and not needed here. I will comment no further.
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    Girls, Girls... Can we all just get along... lol
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    Ohio's first post never specified the number of 12s that would be used. You assume a pair. Why ?? 4 12s in a wall tuned around 40 would hair trick easily on adequate power.
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    Sorry, I have been leaking little bits here and there. It has been a very long (a year) process to get these off the ground. Because these buggers are NOT a basic overhung 1" or 1.5" coil, it took time to get parts and get the design right. Not to mention some changes at the factory that caused a number of delays. Ok, so these are a copper coil, shorting ring, solid pole, phase plug, underhung design. In final testing, they are a very very clean, warm sound. They were right at home in an IB rig that Neal helped out on big time, so dropping into an average car door is excellent. The Evil6.5's have push terminals that are good for 10 gauge wire. Nomex spiders, so they will able take the same long term abuse that the SSA subs are known for. Also, the glass fiber cones that were available, performed a little better than the poly cones in testing. I will probably be setting these at 120-150rms. Specs are below, on the bottom right. Follow the green slope for the production model. I had put together a slightly different model to see what combination of aspects were the best performing for our goals, so ignore the purple slope and specs on the left.
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    If you twist the serpantine belt on your car..it will snap..because it's too short when you twisted it. If you twist a tinsel lead when you tighten it up..it magically becomes shorter, the geometry changes..and it breaks! What do we see in the pictures posted? Twisted leads. They are not straight. This is the paper that goes in the packaging with them. -out.
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    1st issue is relying on a clamp test for anything. Don't waste your time, useless endeavor. 2nd issue was purchasing a CT Sounds product. Even if the amp is decent the owner is a giant douch and doesn't deserve any business nor support by people using his products. Sell it as Aaron suggested and invest in something else.
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    No one really likes dc on here one of the rare forums that aren't dc or tantric nut huggers.
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    A sneak peek of my new box . It is being built by Dave Marin of High Output Enclosures. It will be bed lined with a red port perhaps. It will have 5.0 cu ft net ,and is tuned @33 hz . I have two options for power . I can continue using two p1000x1's both have birth sheets of 1500 watt's , or I can use a synergy wfo 3500; but it'll have to be run at .5 ohm since I have dual 2ohm xcon 12's . Should sound great either way .
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    So there I was ... Tied up to her bed !!! had ................ Awh shit, what forum am i on here ?? Dang audio forum. OK Got these out of the closet the other day to clean them up and kinda ponder some ideas on where to mount them. Those fins take forever to clean !!! Maybe one day I can get these installed in the F-150 !!! As you can see, I had A LOT of cleaning to do on these. Thats, weird. They look blue in these pics. But I assure you, they are PURPLE !!! Maybe it's the lighting on my shitty phone. For those on the other thread looking for small footprint, very dynamic monsters ??? Might want to check these out !!! Little pricey, but WELL worth it when it comes to power, clarity, dynamics, and headroom !!! I wouldn't run anything else. Hopefully I can get back to this project soon !!! Thank you SSA
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    Not a bad question. And i can see what your saying. For me, and my experiances, its been a absolute joy. I love to compete. Take it kinda serious. 99 percent of my competition is just ourselves. There have been a guy/rig or two i was gunning for. But not from hate, but respect. If you know what i mean. But dude,... im ALL about meeting and greeting. Competing takes a back seat for sure. The group i go or roll with, ... thats family. And then, the others, are great great friends. Have many come from out of state, or we go out of state(s) to meet and hang with them. The weeks leading up to the show, its about the rig, the drive up, or over, or whatever, its ALL about getting there to see the people. Our shows are normally a monster family. Everyone knows everyone. Maybe dont care for them, but no hate. There has been a "issue" here and there. Frustration has came into play, ... some mouths ran, hell ive done it a few times. But never physical, personal, never un forgiving. Id have a audio rig if there was comps or not, but man... do i love to see everyone. Catch up, meet their families, kids and such. Sit under the tent , have a beer, laugh our asses off..... Man, your making me want to go right now lol. I can see what your saying. And why you would wonder though. Ive seen some vids at a show or two there was yelling, shouting and fighting. But, ive never seen it. I love the north, west and south people gatherings. Ive never been further east than wyoming. 99.9 percent of the time, its hugs, fist bumps, and everyone roots everyone on. And everyone helps anyone in need. I myself, look forward to them big time. I use my vacation/pto time to not miss them. Drive hours to get to them. Spend money on gas, hotel rooms. Whatever it takes. If you have had a bad experiance, that sucks man. But i wouldnt let it drag you down, or stop you at all. I look forward to them for months. And a show, thats ran smooth, people have personal bests, or some silly shit happens, get to see a buddy thats states away ya keep in contact with, but dont see but 2 times a year or something,.... man.... it dont get much better for me.
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    We are proud to announce, for the first time ever, the DCON & GCON series are in stock and ready to ship. While supplies last. http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/categories/sub-woofers/soundsolutionsaudio.html
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