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    Ignore the bare wire, and the cutouts on the bottom, I was using them for spacers to figure out how much room I had when closing the hatch. Wired to 1 ohm, both d3400's hooked up, still have to set the gain and subsonic. With the gain all the way down, cdplayer turned up to the point of the clip indicator light coming on, only drops from 14.4 to 13.7.. Tomorrow I'll set the gain and play around some more.
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    Had some time to play around yesterday and today.. Driver's side tweeter is too close, I think I'll be moving it back a little bit and aiming it more towards my left ear - as it sits now it's pointed at my right ear. They sound phenomenal otherwise, crossed at 3.15khz, 12db. Spent about 5 hours driving and listening. Will try a lower x-over setting tomorrow. Ran Auto-EQ and T/A, tried with and without EQ, ended up leaving it on, and making small adjustments to the T/A myself.
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    I decided that I want to try an optical connection from h/u to processor. I've heard fantastic things about as well as no difference versus rca. I'll be installing this this weekend. Damn optical cable was $125, wtf.
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    I stole your picture with the two Xcon's.
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    New goodies. Another set of terminals coming yet. Edit: Imgur having issues, uploaded to SSA.
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    Good stuff man. We would love to help you maximize your potential if you have any questions.
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    Its got the XD on cap. I went and drove for a few mins and it does indeed bump. I'm sure not enough for most of you. Its the loudest system ive had in probably 10 years.
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    Hahahahahaha!!! Literally Lol'ing! The symbolism, the poetry... you sir are a genius!
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    I'm not blaming you for choosing or not choosing any speaker, amp, or brand of anything. You didn't want to wait and that's a completely valid choice. I did choose to wait for my XCON, but that doesn't mean you made the wrong choice for you. My point was Rockford Fosgate and JL Audio have tremendous brand power and have legitimate control over their pricing (hell, JL charges a dollar a watt on some of their amps), but most companies in car audio have little or no control over their pricing. There are dozens of small internet brands (like SSA) that are successful businesses that sell to a niche market. Competition is strong and and that gives us, the consumer, lots of options. I'm willing to wait for certain products and not willing to wait for others, that's the beauty of a market economy. Peace
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    OH MY FUCKING *** PLEASE END THIS FUCKING TRAIN WRECK This has been like a train wreck with a plane crash on top of it, then out of nowhere a cruise ship comes barreling in only to form a sudden sinkhole to swallow up the created abortion, after the dust settles...... out of the sky slams a meteor to end all life as we know it! PLEASE ??? Otherwise the movie Idiocracy has truely become a documentary instead of a fictional comedy!
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    Some spring maintenance to the boys 4runner. Cut the paint in 2 stages and then used paint sealer. Looking good for 2003.
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    In a car an amp is an amp to me. As long as it provides gain without noise and fits where it needs to go I am happy.
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    Nice tweeter setup. Personally, I'd leave it where it is (Similar to mine). Keeps your width wide and helps with a strong center. Stage depth will be more pronounced with mids. Know what I mean by this ??? It's hard to drive and tune at the same time. You need to be very relaxed and focused. Can't do that and drive too. Just Saying Also, maybe I missed it, but get you midrange / midbass up as running. Then tune (like Sean said, with the sub bass off). This will help with music detail. Keep it up brother, I'm tuned in !!!
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    With out a dedicated (all things considered) center channel setup, you're gonna have a VERY hard time to stage and image driver and passenger. Ask me how I know. Might want to listen to Sean on this one brother.
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    A couple more misc pics: ...and that's about all I could find. For now. Thank you!
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    Current(temporary) setup: Mail call!
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    There isn't an all SSA install just yet, but we are working towards making that a possibility.
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    This thread is a dump. No problem dumping in it. Exactly the point of it.
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    You typed that I said /sarcasm but didn't read it or you are a moron.
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    The sad realization of this thread is there will always disappointment. No matter how much information is available to educate, you still have to be willing to look past your ignorance... While there is a lot of humor is some of these comments, the ignorance factor is well beyond believable.
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    Aaron, my apologies in advance Sir ... Billy Jack, It's been fun brother, but You have my vote for the largest fucking troll in the internet. Not to mention ... A stupid one at that. I rarely see someone on a audio forum act like a whiny ass, screaming little bitch like you do when something does not go your way. Grow a pair dude !!! I have NEVER seen anyone carry on like you do on this forum. Honestly, you're a fucking idiot. You best be glad that Aaron and Mark never made me a moderator on this forum. I'd make it my weekly duty to come on here and ban you just so I wouldn't have to read your bull shit over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. Fucking ridiculous. I'll probably get a vacation for making this post but Fuck it, this need to be said. Please, leave people alone and start worrying about your own projects and show (not type) that you actually do know something about Car Audio. Mods on here can be jerks here at times, but do have a common goal of helping people educate themselves about car audio. /Rant ... I'm going to bed.