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    Not the same person brother. I think you are talking about Scenchez. Shizzon hasn't been on here in a LONG time.
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    That means they are currently out of stock. Check out the Ampere3800.1.
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    Looking through the SSA store to place a order for a Twisted sounds 2.8k or Synergy 35.1 and noticed no add to cart tab, does this mean the product is sold out, or no longer available.
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    I currently have them in my A-Pillars aimed on axis, not too much worried about the passenger seat. To me their performance is better on-axis but could be too much in your face depending on volume or listening habits, so off-axis can be a plus depending on user. They are crossed at 2000hz at 24db, I could cross them lower but dont want to since I do like to turn my stereo up. Im using a PPI900.4 at 4 ohms to power them and an 80PRS for tuning. I havent played with TA yet too much. But so far Im in love with them, they can play any genre of music without much change needed in eq (I listen to mostly R&B, Old School, Rap and some Pop/Country). Im not the best SQ person to listen to but in my opinion they give you the best of both words, output and sound quality. Compared to some other non-pa tweeters I have used. No matter the power level they put out great sound and they are really efficient. I ran them off head unit power with a cheap soundstream tweeter crossover and they still performed well (before I got my 80PRS). Im not trying to hype these SB Acoustics tweeters up but to me I cant find one downside besides size. But with my new mounting cups, its not an issue anymore really. Im not the best reviewer but I would recommend these tweeters to anybody. I spent months on months reading reviews on the interwebs about them and pulled the trigger over 3 years ago on my first set. I even bought a second brand new set recently to use in my new ride. I soldered 14awg stinger wire to my current ones and the wire wont fit in the all-thread. So I have a used pair that I need to find a house project to use them in (unless your interested in trying them out and want to save vs buying new). Hope that helps. Aaron if you would like to add this to the product review section instead, fine with me as well. Just a short simple review, nothing too informative.
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    Being an SQ guy at heart I'd never mess with those damn pro audio super tweeters in the first place. Now those SB Acoustics tweeters are some sweet looking units and the word is they're really nice. It would be great to hear your opinion on them.
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    You need to do a full write up and review of the tweeters after you get some listening time on them. These are at the top of my list for a special project.
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    Also, do you guys think the Ampere 3500, or 2k would be a good match for a 12" inch evil? I would imagine the 3500 would be plenty, but what about the 2k just to get me up and running, and strap another 2k later? Right now I have about $1400 I'm gonna set aside for a sub and amp. Also this is going into the trunk of my 2012 chevy Cruze. Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask, just trying to get some opinions as I haven't ran much of this new stuff. Don't want to order products over a stack and them not be ran properly.
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    Ok thanks Aaron that's what I thought. I would imagine you guys are slinging some product it being tax time, I know I am. May just save a little more and go ampere. Do you think they will have steady supply as I don't want to end up in the same situation I did with Crescendo. Bought one and never could find another BC3500 when I had the extra cash. I may want to add another later so just getting some info.
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    Nice sub, I've owned two different gen Icon 15s before and loved them both.
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    I sent Aaron the link to this thread
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    I don't think FI has enough mark up to accept coupons. Where else can you buy a neo sub that can take 4-5k all day for $500 shipped?
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    So I loaded this in my wagon this weekend. I have it hooked up to an old school US Amps 200 while I wait for the Kicker ZR600 to get recapped. The enclosure is 1.1 ft^3 sealed. HOLY CRAP...The ICON shook the bolts off my wagon! I have all kinds of new things rattling that I need to fix now. Even with the triple front baffle, double rear baffle, and internal bracing it vibrates all over the place. I'm going to have to bolt it to the car. I can't wait for it to break in. I've already got plans to build a ported enclosure to see the difference in output. This is an awesome sub!
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    A couple more misc pics: ...and that's about all I could find. For now. Thank you!
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    awesome pick! started my connection with SSA through the Icon as well. Good luck and post up a build log for sure!
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    Sencheezy is his screen name he has a Video up on YouTube and in the description it gives a code for 10% off a evil on the SSA store that's who I thought we where talking about.
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    Is he not the guy who became Americas first taramps dealer. He himself had the blazer I think it was with 6 evils and 2 30k taramps on 240volt. I could have swore his name was shizzon? It's been a couple of months since I spoke with him he's a African American gentleman real good guy.
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    I instantly thought of scenchez when I saw that email. I would've thought the same as billy lol
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    Went and had a look at the VE audio and yes there some little things and not very exspensive for sq equipment. $249 for a 650watt amp isn't to bad about midrange pricing to me. What's a Audiocontrol or Hertz 600 watt amp $400+?
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    My current truck is using the stock angles which are similar to your "passenger" proposal but once I set it up to sound right in the drivers seat it sounds like ass in the passenger get seat. No surprise though as that HAS to be the case if you optimize for you. The cure is you demo with you sitting in the passenger seat. System is for you...build it for YOU
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    Spend A LOT of timing aiming before even starting the fiberglass. That little bit of the install makes or breaks it!
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    Welcome to the forum, well officially!! That's an awesome list of equipment and plans for the future.
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    You should love those SB tweeters, I have the Neo version of the 29.
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    Since I love these SB Acoustics SB29RDCN-C000-4 so much I got another pair. This time around I'm stealing the trick from Diyma and making some tweeter pods for them, will help out greatly with on-axis aiming.