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Found 25 results

  1. Wolfram Audio

    W-Series Amplifiers

    Now available on the SSA store! I do NOT check PMs on here. For any questions, email colin@wolframaudio.com Wolfram Audio W-3000.1: Specifications: RMS Power @ 1 Ohm : 3,000 Watts x 1 Channels (14.4v) RMS Power @ 2 Ohms : 2,000 Watts x 1 Channels (14.4v) RMS Power @ 4 Ohms : 1,150 Watts x 1 Channels (14.4v) RMS Power @ 2 Ohms (Linked) : 6,500 Watts x 1 Channel (14.4v) Frequency Response : 10hz~350hz (+/-1db) Working Voltage : 10V-16V Signal-to-Noise Ratio (Sensitivity) : >90dB Efficiency @ 4 Ohms : 86% Low Level Input (Gain) : 8V - 200mV Low Pass Filter : 30Hz - 250Hz Bass Boost : 0 ~ 12 dB Subsonic Filter : 10Hz - 60Hz Phase Shift : 0-180 Degrees 4-Way Protection Circuitry Built-in (Thermal, Voltage, Speaker, DC) LED Power & Protection Indicators Master / Slave (Linkable) : Yes Recommended Fuse Rating : 300 Amps 1/0 Gauge Power and Ground Terminal Inputs Remote Level Control Knob Included Wolfram Audio W-1500.1: Specifications: RMS Power @ 1 Ohm : 1,600 Watts x 1 Channels (14.4v) RMS Power @ 2 Ohms : 900 Watts x 1 Channels (14.4v) RMS Power @ 4 Ohms : 530 Watts x 1 Channels (14.4v) RMS Power @ 2 Ohms (Strapped) : 3,200 Watts x 1 Channel (14.4v) Frequency Response : 10Hz - 350Hz (+/- 1db) Working Voltage : 10V-16V Signal-to-Noise Ratio (Sensitivity) : >90dB Efficiency @ 4 Ohms : 86% RCA Line Output : Yes Low Pass Filter : 30Hz - 250Hz Bass Boost @ 45 Hz : 0 ~ 12 dB Subsonic Filter : 10Hz - 60Hz Phase Shift : 0-180 Degrees 4-Way Protection Circuitry Built-in (Thermal, Voltage, Speaker, DC) LED Power & Protection Indicators Master / Slave (Linkable) : Yes Fuse Rating : 150 Amps (Linked: 300A) 1/0 Gauge Power and Ground Terminal Inputs Remote Level Control Knob Included Wolfram Audio W-600.1: Specifications: RMS Power @ 1 Ohm : 700 Watts x 1 Channels (14.4v) RMS Power @ 2 Ohms : 380 Watts x 1 Channels (14.4v) RMS Power @ 4 Ohms : 200 Watts x 1 Channels (14.4v) RMS Power @ 2 Ohms (Strapped) : 1,400 Watts x 1 Channel (14.4v) Frequency Response : 10Hz - 350Hz (+/- 1db) Working Voltage : 10V-16V Signal-to-Noise Ratio (Sensitivity) : >90dB Efficiency @ 4 Ohms : 86% RCA Line Output : Yes Low Pass Filter : 30Hz - 250Hz Bass Boost : 0 ~ 12 dB Subsonic Filter @ 24 dB Slope : 10Hz - 60Hz Phase Shift : 0-180 Degrees 4-Way Protection Circuitry Built-in (Thermal, Voltage, Speaker, DC) LED Power & Protection Indicators Master / Slave (Strappable) : Yes Fuse Rating : 30A x2 4 Gauge Power and Ground Terminal Inputs Remote Level Control Knob Included Wolfram Audio W-125.4: Specifications: RMS Power @ 2 Ohms : 175 Watts x 4 Channels (14.4v) RMS Power @ 4 Ohms : 125 Watts x 4 Channels (14.4v) RMS Power @ 4 Ohms (Bridged) : 330 Watts x 2 (14.4v) Frequency Response: 15hz to 35khz Low Level Input Adjustment: 0.2v to 8v Signal to noise Ratio: >90 dB Minimum Impedance: 2 Ohm Low Pass Filter: 50hz to 500hz (500hz to 5khz [x10]) High Pass Filter: 50hz to 500hz (500hz to 5khz [x10]) T.H.D. Continuous @ 4ohm : 0.05% Operating Voltage : 10v ~ 16V Fuse Rating : 40A x2
  2. Godsmack

    Various car audio for sale

    - 27 Raptor 1/0 AWG Ring Terminals $20 - Install Edge 5 pack remote wires [IEC P 3x5-6] 6 feet $15 - 2 packs Install Edge 6.6 ft RCA cables [IRC GAC2] $7 each or $10 for both - 8 4 way Knu Konceptz 1/0AWG in 4 8AWG out $8 each or all for $55 - 50ft 16AWG speaker cable spool $5 - Install Edge Remote wire [IEC P18 X5-6] 18AWG $5 - Knu Konceptz kolossus Flex 1/0 AWG Red power cable 44 ft $125; 8ft $25; 10.5ft $35 (all for 175) - 13 ft Q power 1/0 AWG Super Flex on spool $25; 15ft on spool $30 - Approx 400 ft 16AWG Q power speaker wire on spool $40 - Stinger 150 amp circuit breaker $25 - 6 Install Edge Speaker Savers [IEC CAP 133] $6 per pack or all 6 pairs for $30 - 2 2packs Rockford Fosgate 8AWG Ring Terminals $5 each or both for $7.50 - 2 Rockford Fosgate Side mount battery terminals $9 each or both for $15 - Rockford Fosgate 2 output top mount battery terminal $10 - Rockford Fosgate RCA coupler $5 - Rockford Fosgate 10 AWG Amp kit (no RCA wires) 17 ft $30 - Rockford Fosgate pack of 2 100amp MAXI fuses $10 - Knu Konceptz Negative top mount terminal $10 - Metra Honda Harness [BB-WHHDI] $10 - Metra Inpala/Monte Carlo [XSVI-2105] $35 - Metra GM 88-05 22 pin harness [70-1858] $5 - Pair of Dynex square box terminal cups $2 - Dynex OEM Ford Radio removal tools $8 - Stinger Blue HPM voltage meter [SVMB] $15 - Tsunami Marine ANL fused distro, 1/0 AWG IN, 2 1/0AWG out $20 - Generic ANL fuse holder, no cover $5 - Mini RCA stereo Y cable $2 - 14ft Raptor RCA cable $10 - 16 ft Monster RCA cable $20 - Stinger 1/0 AWG ring terminal $4 - 2 2male 1female RCA adapter $5 each or both for $7.50 - 1 RCA to RCA dual male wire 9" $2 - 2 Street wires RCA cables in bags 19.69 ft [ZN1260] $7.50 each or both for $10 - ANL fuses, 2 200amp, 4 250 amp, 2 300 amp, 4 100 amp, 2 500 amp. 500 amp are $5 per pair others are $3 per pair, or all for $30 Total price when purchased individually: $761 Buy the whole lot: $650 Open to trades, Nikon FX lenses and other photography equipment are of special interest. Feel free to contact with questions. Thanks for looking!! - Viper 500.4, missing xo cover, and right mounting feet. $300 - MTX Road Thunder XO's for componants. $20 for the pair - Eclipse SC-8355/8365 XO's for componants $50 for the paid - Phoenix Gold Octane 4.0 2 amp. $150 - JL Audio 500/1. Missing some side screws. Not 100% on what the guts condition is, and last I remember looking it was fine. $125 - Digital Designs DD C1. $140 ORIGINAL RE XXX 12" to come, as well as more amps. I'd love to sell everything as a lot, and am willing to make deals. Only thing trade wise I would be after is Nikon FX lenses, but feel free to offer up. Pics are all on the link below.
  3. So looking for some info about amplifier and efficiency. I have a xcon dual 1ohm 10" so i can run at either .5ohm or 2ohm What i would like to know is 1500w @ .5ohm or 1500w @ 2ohm the 2ohm amplifier would be drawing more power to make its wattage because of the higher resistance correct ?
  4. GarrettHarvey

    Amp and box measures for 2 HDS2 12

    Getting two hds212s and wanna know what amp to get(sq brand) , and if i should get dual 2 ohm or dual 4 ohm. And if youve done this build, what are the box measures
  5. Crescendo BC3500D is approximately six months old, has never been exposed to low voltage and has no scratches, dings or dents whatsoever. Does 3,875 watts RMS at 13.8v Xs power XP3000 battery is sitting at over 12.7v after being out of my car for several weeks now and is rated to support 3,000 watts rms power 2/0 welding wire is rated to support over 400 continuous amps of current and has already been heat-shrinked and fused for both positive and negative runs from front to back plus the big three upgrade and an additional trunk ground if you so wish to use it WIRE CAN BE HAD FOR $120 SHIPPED FORGOT TO PUT PRICE AMONG OTHER INFO ON SALES SHEET
  6. Hello jw if box rise is influenced whatsoever by the number of amplifiers used in a system set up or if it is essentially the same regardless of how many amplifiers are used to power a set of drivers
  7. Jacob Eshack


    From the album: First build

    Sax 1500d, on 2 sa 12s
  8. Shogen

    JL 500/1 version 2

    Hey guys... I'm going to try and sell this amp since I have no sub stage at all and need to fix the suspension still on my Camry... It is in fact a JL 500/1 v2 .... Perfect condition, minor signs of wear... worked flawlessly when I had it powering my 15" Xcon @ 2 ohms ... Looking to sell it for $180 + shipping ... Cont US ... Stupid site won't let me link photos direct from G+!!!!! FCKING A here is the album link https://plus.google.com/photos/101565492437974599649/albums/5923313635370597009?authkey=CKL31Z-uocyu7wE Let's get him sold people!!! Thanks for looking!
  9. disturbeddrummer254

    possible defective amp

    i hooked up 2 PSI 18S and 2 Soundstream tx1.2000d amps. Gains and freq levels were set the same on each paired amp n sub. The first lil while i played it, everything worked fine. then all the sudden i notice one sub were playing lower than the other. wtf right...checked the impedance on the coils and they check out fine. So over the last few weeks ive done everything i can think of from checking connections, swapping subs around, new rca cables, even thought it might be the bass knobs, and still one of the amps is putting out less power. I can tell there is an issue because when i play a test tone, what ever sub is hooked to that amp suffers especially in the low range 20-30hz compared to the other sub n amp that is playing at the same time. i called Soundstream and they said it either plays or it doesnt, theirs probably nothing wrong with it...wft i duno what to do. has anyone ever ran into an amp like this? i know somethinng is wrong with it even if it is playing somewhat. im def gonna try n return the soundstream amps again and get a Crescendo 3500 of SSA that ought to take car of the issue haa
  10. So I have a SoundStorm (SSL) EV4000D. I've had it for about a year and a half, and never have had a problem with it, except that I have blown two Subs with it. The first one was a Pioneer TS-W3002D4 which lasted about 8 months and then the most current one which blew today was a Kicker CompRT12. So i need suggestions of what kind of sub i should get because obviously the last two were a fail. I want something that will thump my price range is up to $250. Hope I can get some feedback.
  11. francher

    Help w New sound system

    Hello everyone, I have exactly 2k to spend on a new system. I'm not sure what to buy exactly, I'm looking for good speakers(x4), a single 15 with an enclosure and an amp that can hold all of that. What would you guys prefer?
  12. My amp cuts on with only the remote wire hooked up to it why? and when i hook the power and ground wire up it wont power my speakers.
  13. Hey everyone, i'll get straight to the point. I'm selling my Fi BL 18" Sub in a 29hz box 40" long 17" high 24" deep (not 100% positive on this I will have to double check) along with my Hifonics Brutus brz2400.1D amp. It's a dvc-2 ohm sub. I bought this sub around late January. I've had it installed in my car for only 2-3 weeks. It was an impulse buy and if I didn't desperately need the cash I would keep it without a doubt. The amp and all the wiring was bought around the same time as the sub from sonicelectronix and I paid for a 3-year warranty. The power and ground cables are 1/0awg knukonceptz and the rca cables, remote wire, and speaker wire are part of a kit I got awhile pack from elite audio. I have 2 inline fuse holders with a 300a fuse and a 150a fuse. A couple ring terminals as well. The dust cap is blue and I have the cooling and flat wind options and the daily option selected. $433 with shipping, ~$100 for the wires, $300 for the amp with the warranty and I paid $200 for the box which has fiberglass insulation. I have the original box Fi sent the sub in and the amp. I don't know how much it would cost to ship a box that big, so without the box I would sell it all as a package for $650. quickest way to contact me to discuss anything would be texting me @ 574-323-3166. Thank you.
  14. I know it depends on the vehicle or whatever but , would a power acoustik bamf amp 5500d power two 15" Fi SSDs better then a hifonics brutus 1200.1d ? i have the Hifonics amp now and it hits but now as hard as when it was hooked up to one 15. Yes i know power acoustik is not that great.
  15. As the title says, I have 2 sundown saz-1500v3 amps for sale. SELLING AS A PAIR. unless I can have two buyers to split price. They come with original boxes. MINT CONDITION!!. less than 1 month old. never seen below 13 volts. never put into protections. I need to upgrade power and need to sell. asking for $700 shipped. willing to trade for amps 5k-7k of power plus cash on my end depending on amp. specifically Soundstream x3.71, RD D9, Hifonics XXV Goliath or XXV Sampson, or similar Rated power output ----RMS power, 2 ohm linkable/dual mono 3000W x 1CH ----RMS power, 1 ohm mono 1500W x 1CH ----RMS power, 2 ohm mono 930W x 1CH ----RMS power, 4 ohm mono 530W x 1CH Signal to Noise Ratio >90dB Low pass frequency crossover 35Hz~300Hz Subsonic filter 10Hz~60Hz Bass boost @ 45Hz 0~9dB Phase shift control 0~180 degree Frequency response 15Hz~270Hz (+/- 1dB) T.H.D @ 4 ohm <0.1% Efficiency @ 4 ohm 86% Fuse rating 150A Dimensions 8.25"(W) x 2.32"(H) x 16.53"(L)
  16. tonyb121


    Looking for a new amp. Trying to get a better one. Any of these any good? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Hifonics-ZRX2000-4-2000W-4-Channel-Class-A-B-Zeus-Power-Car-Amplifier-Amp-/300828609459?pt=Car_Amplifiers&hash=item460ac84bb3 http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-SOUNDSTREAM-Tarantula-TX1-2000D-2000W-MONO-D-Car-Audio-Amplifier-Power-Amp-/390477355117?pt=Car_Amplifiers&hash=item5aea43986d http://www.ebay.com/itm/Power-Acoustik-BAMF-2600-2-2600W-2-Channel-Class-A-B-BAMF-Car-Amplifier-Amp-/290825886332?pt=Car_Amplifiers&hash=item43b692da7c http://www.ebay.com/itm/Power-Acoustik-GT4-2600-2600W-4-Channel-Gothic-Series-Power-Car-Amplifier-Amp-/300828557721?pt=Car_Amplifiers&hash=item460ac78199
  17. I'm still waiting for the GCON 10-D2 to actually arrive, but figured I'd take the time to look for a amp to power this beast now. It will be in a sealed box, in a saturn ion 2003. Looking to present a 1ohm load at amplifier, since I'm assuming that power at 4ohms is asking too much for my budget. No HO alt, or big 3 done yet, assuming it won't be needed yet though. I was mostly wondering if I'd need to feed it the full 750w, or if I could get by with less, near the 500w level? Just wondering as my budget is a bit tight currently, and I was hoping to grab the amp for under $150. Given what I've listed, would any of these amps work well, or are there others I should be considering? All listed are CEA-2006 compliant, so I'm assuming they all do rated. 1. Concept CC-D1200 (Apparently 750W @ 1ohm stable, manufacturer refurb, so not new) 2. Massive Audio N2 (800w @ 1ohm) 3. PPI BK650.1D (650w @ 1ohm) 4. Hifonics GLX1000.1D (1000w @ 1ohm) 5. MB Quart ONX1.1000D (1000w @ 1ohm) Thanks for taking the time to look, hoping I get some great feedback!
  18. 2005 dodge ram 1500 I have this massive triple sub 10", shared lower vent, chambered box 16.5x20x49(with port).... port size is 2.25"x49"x12.5". I have 2 alpine swr-10d4(1000rms-3000peak), and one swr-1043d(600 rms-1800peak). all were previously ran in parallel @ 1 ohm (i think) going to a rockford fosgate t1000.1 power series. Suprisingly it hardely even got warm and pushes them hard. BTW!!= I just yesterday wired in my red top underneath my back seat and i have that wired to the bullz audio 2f cap=> everything wired to that...(i have a normal stock truck battery up front) My questions: 1.Is my port the right length?(can it sound better if made longer/shorter/complete chamber) 2. Is the box itself too big or is it ok? 3. Where can i find a wiring diagram or does somone know how to do 1ohm to all 3 speakers or just two? 4. [would having a diff rms sub on the same 1ohm wire do anything bad?] if so. 5. i have a 1600 boss amp that i've wired into my truck in my current setup of a center console box i made(but it seems to be having a hard time pushing it because it goes onto "protect" mode alot.) 6. should i get rid of my capacitor and stick with just the two batterys? And i have a 1600 boss 800.2 amp and two kicker cvr 12" 05cvr124(400rms-800peak) that im selling to a friend and i was looking for a badass ported box design thats loud going into the back of his old jeep...the available space is{length from back seat to rear door}x{width fromside to side of car}x{height} 25"x35"x15" (If i want to be able to slide it in from the back without him having to take off his top or putting it in from the front) if not then 25"x35"x MIN(15")MAX(30")... My questions:1. I also have some nice component speakers laying around... could i cut holes for them too?[would i need to chamber them completly off from the subs?] im open to any ideas i can make some crazy stuff. My current setup is a center console box with the two swr-10d4's (recently attempted to invert the one closest to front and doesnt sound right) going to that rockford fosgate t1000.1bd... and when i inverted i hooked one to the boss amp and another to the fosgate from the capacitor...but just didnt sound right... i have a problem when they are both right side up... the way the box is made all the air space is at the ground and the sub closest to front gets pushed out further and clips...i also beleive the box is just barely over the minimum for sealed air space. My questions: 1. take out the capacitor= just 2 batteries 2. i tried to invert it? and couldnt find a diagram to reverse polarity but idk if thats what i need to do or what. 3. port it maybe? but how?--- p.s. everything is perfectly sealed on both boxes.
  19. now that i got my subs and box done, its time to look for an amp. not looking to spend too much on an amp right now. would like to send 600 rms to each sa12. trying to stay under $300, ive been looking around the web and found a couple that i might be interested in. but i wont get it unless you guys say its a good buy. this one i just came across, not sure about the brand though http://www.woofersetc.com/p-7635-bamf-20001d-power-acoustik-monoblock-2000-watt-class-d-amplifier.aspx heard soundstream was pretty legit, so i found this one http://www.woofersetc.com/p-9571-dtr11700d-soundstream-1700w-d-tower-series-class-d-monoblock-power-amplifier.aspx read on Steve Mead Designs that this was good for the money, but is power hungry. http://www.woofersetc.com/p-8840-brz17001d-hifonics-brutus-series-1700w-rms-1-channel-monoblock-super-class-d-amplifier.aspx those are the 3 that i can recall right now. are any of them worth getting as a temporary amp? suggestions?
  20. Here's a few pics of my MB QUART ONX1.1000D amp. I got it at sonic electronix for 150 shipped. It puts out 1000 watts rms at 1 ohm. I put in a pic of the amp guts since there aren't many of this amp online
  21. So I know, I know.... "no VS threads" .... Not totally sure whether this completely falls under that but here we go.... So, I've realized I made the wrong decision for tweeters in my car... LPG aluminum tweets .... Cannot be crossed lower than 4k and that is with lower power/lower volume.... 5k is much better.... This will not work for me anymore... I've learned that now and need to move onto something better for me... Currently using my Pioneer HU for active setup and going through a MB Quart 4.125 .... I am looking at these guys: Vifa NE25VTS-04 Morel CAT 378 I have been eyeballing the Vifa for quite some time now but not pulling the trigger just yet.... The Morel came up in another thread and I saw that the specs were similar but it's advertised as a sort of "hyrid" tweeter .. My biggest problem is not install or anything... But which would be louder on the power given... Not that I want to be heard from farther away but I want to have more headroom as far as EQ and balancing without much struggle... I'm looking to improve the clarity and range...I do not have a specific driver to match up with it yet but any suggestions would be great... And wondering if I can fit an 7-8" mid to pair with it... .Help I'm lost.... Music tastes: Pretty Lights Masta Ace K-OS John Legend Robin Thicke Kalimba Eptic Aloe Blacc Arrested Development Camp Lo The Pharcyde Slick Rick Putamayo Los Compadres Dir En Grey Gorillaz JuneHighly suggest you guys check out the music I listen to so you know what I'm after.... It's really wide and I'd like to be able to play it all.... Any and all help much appreciated....!!!
  22. I need some suggestions on what subs to wall up in my 2001 2dr S-10 Blazer. This will be my first real build the only thing I have had that was "loud" was 2 15" Kicker L7s dual 4 ohm wired down to 1 ohm by a 2000 watt hifonics brutus (The only competition I was ever apart of I got 3rd place with this system in 2008 at milan dragway in michigan at some street warriors 2000+ watts class I wasnt even going to enter. I got a trophy for it.) . This was 4 years ago. I have not since then had a system in my ride and have now FINALLY decided to get back into the car audio world and will be trying to go "Big" this time. I want to keep my back seats folded down and or maybe take them completley out so I have all the room behind my front seats to work with. I would like to make this an SPL ride with a some what decent sound quality being a daily driver. I do not know the exact dimensions behind the front seats but I will measure tommorow since I am serious about this build. I plan to take roughly a year to make this build happen, so I am willing to spend the money on it but im sure as most of you know saving money takes a little time. I have been constantly on the internet for about a month now every night trying to learn as much as possible from reading forums to watching videos on YouTube. I am just getting into forums on the internet, so i dont know a whole lot about them but they look like a great place to ask for opinions. I would like input from subs, amps, enclosure types, batteries, wires, head units, even down to what RCA cables are better than others. I dont want to make this a cheap build, but im not going to go out and buy the most expensive equptment available (even though I understand you get what you pay for.) I will be installing most if not all of this on my own or with some friends. I would like to make a wall of subs, but I am totally open to other ideas. I have been looking at FI audios 18s SP4s and 18s BTLs n2, DC audio XL 18s, DAD BD 15s, Obsidian Audio 15s, Sundown NSv3 15s. Those are just some subs I have looked at. Amps I have been looking at are Sundown NS-1, Audioque 3500s, Stetsom 7k, Rockford 2500bdcp. I am open to anything really but would like something that will set me apart from others, and make people WANT to listen to what I have and not say "oh look hes got this and that" and his buddy says, "yeah so does everyone else." or " yeah Ive heard that a million times." I know I am leaving out A LOT and I mean A LOT of other info but this is getting too long. Just ask me questions and you will get honest answers. And remember I am open to ALL opinions and ideas. I just need some ideas or opinions from everyone. I will take everything into consideration! Thanks to everyone!
  23. dimethoxy

    new amp; suggestions??

    i need an amp that's $200 or less to push a single sundown sa-12, 4ohm dvc i have a hifonics hifi1000.1d but it's total shit the box is 1.5ft^3 tuned to 30hz i want enough bass but not too much i am looking at rockford r500-1 kicker zx750.1d mtx td1000.1d it's going in a 2000 honda insight any suggestions?? i want some quality but i'm also trying to save as much money as possible
  24. has any 1 ever used Lanzar's optidrive series amplifers? if so, what are the some helpful reviews on it. is it a good amp with low THD does this amp put out what its ratted? can you let me know if it is a overall good amp for subs will this thing get low and still stay warm?
  25. kicksncaps

    Sound Noob - open for suggestions

    Ok I've never put any sound in any of my cars in the past. I went out one night with friends I was able to ride in an SUV with a decent set-up (from what I experienced) and that got me interested. I have a 30-40min ride to work each day and my OEM speakers are going out so I've been doing my research... From what I've read Fi subs have been given great reviews and the only complaints are due to the lead time on getting them. The set up (in my friend's SUV) that I liked was 2 10" JL w7s in a ported box on a 500w JL amp from what I was told. I prefer sound quality over loudness and won't be going crazy loud. The thing I did like was the fact that I "felt" the bass but the common knock on the w7s seem to be that they are overpriced for what they deliver. I would like some advice in what to go with as far as all aspects based on what those with more experience would recommend on: Component speakers, amp, fi subs, & anything else that a sound noob would need to know This will all be going into an 02 Tahoe w/ non-Bose system and I have somebody to put it in but I'd like the non-bias opinion from people not at an audio shop just trying to upsell me. Thanks in advance