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New From Jacksonville, FL

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Hey, Im new here. Im a Business Major at UNF in Jacksonville. Im pretty inexperienced with car audio but always looking to learn more. I joined because im interested in getting some FI Audio subs. When you click the forum link on there sites it leads to SSA so i figured it would be the best place to get some info.

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Welcome to SSA! What FI subs are you looking at?

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welcome to the site, many around here with great depth of knowledge, and very helpful group. Best of luck with your future car audio endeavors.

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      1. Hey all!

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    • By ManzKea
      Hey guys manzkea back at it again! Lol. Finally got some equipment in. Excited to finally get this project I’ve had in mind for a while rolling . Gonna attempt a blow through in my single cab 2001 ford ranger long bed. Gonna make pods for the doors to house the 6.5s and replace the stock one with a 6.5 or if possible an 8” driver. All powered off the ssa ic150.4.  As for subs I’ll be using a 15” sp4 v2 I got from a friend for a deal. A taramps 5k will be used to push it.
      Unfortunately the evil mids I wanted was unavailable in 4ohms. So I went with these prvs.
      Well I’ll I’ll be updating this as I get it going. Possibly next week or so, really busy with work at the moment. Well here’s a pic of some goodies the mail man dropped off.  Cheee. 
       Btw got something extra special in those two ssa looking boxes behind the ranger gear. But that’s on the back burner at the moment. 

    • By DeMan2319
      Good evening everybody. I have a few items to install for an Audio System upgrade; but don't know how to go about it. The Items that will be involved are -1 Distribution Block -2 Amps. -1 Capacitor. -1 Equalizer/Crossover -6 Speakers in Total (2 tweeters, 2 Front Door 6.5's, and 2 6x9's) -1 Subwoofer

      I'm trying to connect 2 amps; 1 for the Subwoofer and the Second for Speakers. My Aftermarket Head Unit has 3 pairs of RCA plug-ins.
      1) Subwoofer 2) Front 3) Rear.

      How Would I connect the 6 speakers (which I'm going to rewire) to the 1st amp? Do I wire the Speakers to the Amp or Straight to the Head unit itself? Also, how would I connect the amp to the Head unit if it only has the 3 RCA plug-ins as stated above?

      Any advice or suggestions are Welcomed. Thanks in advance.

      URL: https://able2know.org/topic/434961-1
    • By DedicatedEnthusiast
      Hello everyone, long time no see. I am selling a pair of Dual 2-ohm (technically D1.7) 12" Sundown X v.2's built by Dave Leib a.k.a "Strongman Designs." 
      Reason I am selling them is because I realized upon testing to see if my digital multi-meter was working correctly that one of the coils is reading higher on the one sub indicating that too much heat had been applied to it recently so rather than risking any further damage to it I am going to assume that I have too much power for these.
      Having said this in all honesty, let me make it perfectly clear here that both subs are still in perfect working order as we speak, even the one that is reading differently. Had I not thrown my multi-meter on it to test it in order to see if it was working properly (the multi-meter itself) I would have never known there was any difference or discrepancy between the two.  
      However, because one of them is reading off now and I do not know what is to be expected out of it's performance long-term I will be letting these go for $500+ shipping (that includes both).
      Any further questions or concerns please feel free to text me at 440-915-2309

    • By scizzle
      I have just sold my car and I had to remove my subs and amps.  not planning to install them again in my new truck.
      I have a sundown audio SAZ1500D & SAX100.4D.
      I also have two 12" SSD's with the upgraded coils.
      These are from an older install, but have not been beaten to death and are in great shape.
      i have no idea what these are worth figured it's a great first time setup for someone. I'm assuming around $500ish for all of it.
      Local pickup will be the easiest obviously Sarasota/Tampa/St. Pete/Bradenton/Venice. But Willing to ship if the price is right (I can get a quote).
      Willing to sell individually if you want.
      email me: sc1zzle@yahoo.com

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