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  1. Jay-C76

    Crossovers Passive vs Active

    http://xtremerevolution.net/audio-101-on-off-axis-response/ Understanding this may help you figure out that just because something fits in a location without proper aiming you may get undesirable results.
  2. Jay-C76

    Crossovers Passive vs Active

    I know sometimes help may sound condensing, but if there was anyone I would ever trust on any website or forum when it comes to understanding audio acoustics it would be M5. Not to chastise you in anyway, I have never in my life seen so many drivers in an install at any competition I have ever been in whole only driving two 15" subs. Best in show is awarded for a visual appearance not any type of physical audio accomplishment. You have some nice equipment to achieve what you are after, but you have created an insane amount of anomalies that will physically never yield good results other than visually. Everyone who has posted above has had nothing but the best intentions of helping. Nobody will ever "spoon feed" you information because history has taught mankind that's not how one learns the "how & why". I wish you all the luck but, if I were you I would not have so many drivers to try to blend with only two 15" mtx subs. If it were six 15" subs maybe but what you are doing isn't working for a reason.
  3. First: Welcome to SSA thanks for joining and we as a community hope we can help! Check voltage at amp (before stereo is on & when playing music), wire size of power & grounds (undersized or multiple splices of junk wire), look for any through metal or edge of metal rubbing that could cause shorts in wire runs, check that the subs are not wired in such a way that there is too low of an ohm load for the amp specifications, check each sub for any blown coils by doing a resistance test ( if dual voice coil check each set of teminals on sub), and most commonly if all of the above are okay the gain is set way too high and causing signal clipping. Remember the gain or sensitivity dial on an am is never to be used as a volume knob. It is there to match the sensitivity of the output voltage coming from the head unit or source. Basic install skills are what I would trace first, then settings of equipment would be the end phase of problem solving. In my experience one of the most common causes of equipment failure with a d.i.y. install that's not a wiring issue would be the lack of understanding what a gain or sensitivity knob actually is for.
  4. Jay-C76

    2009 SSA ICON 10" D2

    Best design of the Icon to date. 1000 -1500rms daily on a well designed enclosure. Stay with the 1cf for the 10" net. Actually ran 2300rms on a 15" for over a year with not one issue. Truck engine died and sub still lives on!
  5. Jay-C76

    Going from sundown zv5 to find btl neo

    Not enough to be noticed. Just measure length as centerline of the bend same as a square or rectangle port length. The actual length of a set port area determines the tuning & the opening size (port area) determines the port velocity / air resistance.
  6. Jay-C76

    Bass cancellation

    Being that it's only one 12" sub it is common for a small cabin to have what appears to be gains when a window is down or a door is open. If it were a much larger system with more subs or power I would question the design of the enclosure -vs- the cabin space of the vehicle. Since it's a single sub on unknown rms wattage & ect. it is nearly impossible to adjust any calculations off of the information you have given. Sub model, rms wattage, charging system specifications, enclosure volume, port size & length (tuning). Would be needed to even begin to make an assumption as to what might help out.
  7. Jay-C76

    05 sable 2 zcon 18s on 10k in b-pillar walll

    Looks like fun! Have you considered using birch ply and white pine framing to cut down on weight? Suspension wise, there are several types of ways that you can lift or stiffen the rear suspension. What you will really need to be careful of is justifying the mechanical limits of the chassis and/or axle & suspension parts like brackets or hardware when making the choice.
  8. Jay-C76

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    lol, I almost broke a phone watching it! Then I got laughed at....
  9. Jay-C76

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

  10. Jay-C76

    SA 12 Box Design.

  11. It's a hardcore full tilt 22 watts rms on the front right channel for the right tweet & about the same for the left tweet which is ran off the front left channel. It was about to storm that day with high winds and random cracks of thunder in the near background. The pressure was on to get the install done. I buckled down and knew it was my time to shine! In closing, once the radio powered on and some mild tweeking of some settings all of my efforts were outshined by the total awesomeness of the clarity that flowed from the SSA Evil1 silk dome tweeters. Was truely an epic moment that brought smiles from ear to ear.
  12. lmao...yep, through research I have found that Columbia & Warner are constantly trying to file lawsuits due to social media's "exploitation" of the "artist rights"..... Be very careful what you post to these type of websites like youtube. They are fighting tooth and nail now more than ever. http://www.tubefilter.com/2017/05/08/warner-music-group-youtube-safe-harbor/
  13. I wish I could post a video of them in action but YouTube & WMG said that I had a copyright infringement for using a published song on a video without buying the rights to do so. Seriously, there are tens of thousands of videos of people doing the exact same thing! But I play Kashmir by Led Zep on tweets I don't even own on a video and I get ordered to take it down.... I understand if I had attempted to use their song for a finacial gain but this is a joke. Next they can file infringement if somebody listens to their music in public at a carshow. How is it any different than taking a selfie at a sporting event and catching the field and players in the background? Shame on me! WTF?!..... Pfffft b.s.
  14. I am super impressed with the crystal clear pin drop clarity from these tweets. Even on 22rms from a head unit they really fill the high end paired with the evil 6.5's. The guy I installed these for, his exact expression was "holy sh*t those sound f'n amazing. I'm glad you talked me into getting these!" I smiled and said "Told you, they don't make crap, they really pay attention to design."
  15. Had a video up but youtube blocked it due to copyright restrictions..... ran passive for now until he buys a new amp to unleash the evil!